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My Mum – My Self Appointed PR Rep

My mum is Brilliant…

…and probably about to be arrested!

Unique PR

I produced some rather snazzy bookmarks, detailing my books/adventures. My mum hands them out to anyone she meets or whoever knocks on her front door. She’s brilliant – my No.1 fan – and quite passionate!

She has just written me a note about accosting someone famous on my behalf! She’s either brilliant or mad – but probably both. She says:

On the way home Dad went into Sainsbury’s car park to get the papers and a few bits and whilst I sat in the car. You’ll never guess who walked passed, ONLY Paul Young!! I smashed on the window and leapt out of the car and said who I was plus you and ENPC (Enfield Chase Pony Club).  I think he thought I was some mad woman accosting him.  I blurted out your CV and could have kicked myself as I didn’t have any BOOKMARKS to give him. What an absolute chump am I!  Anyway, I mentioned www.jackieandnoelsjourneys.com and think he got it but he was in a hurry and had to get away.”

Mum’s not totally loopy – Paul’s daughter used to be a team member of Enfield Chace Prince Philip Cup Team and my mum and dad used to manage this team – so she did know him (and, I believe, he has sailing on his bucket list).

I was suitably impressed, as the first album I ever purchased was No Parlez. The first time I saw Paul was on daytime TV, after Rainbow, I was off sick from school – I’ve admired his work ever since.

I think Mum deserves a pay-rise, I’ve offered her double what she receives now – I think that’s fair.


I’ve offered Paul an audio, kindle or paperback book – I wonder if he’ll receive my message – perhaps he’s a little scared…..   not from my mum – but selling up and living your dream is a brave step…


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A Standard Journey

I would like to introduce you to a beautiful story. Some of you may have already had the pleasure of discovering 
“A Standard Journey” 
by author Jackie Parry 
but for those of you who haven’t, here it is. 
Even if you have experienced this, maybe it’s been a while since you visited with 
5 horses, 2 people and 1 tent! 
Available in eBook & Paperback Format
About The Book
They rescued five horses from an unknown fate.They sold everything they had.

With daring inspiration, Jackie and Noel trained the lost and confused horses, and forced their own unfit bodies to meld into one team.Life became horses, trail, endurance, and camping: all seven reliant on one another as they trekked along part of Australia’s majestic Bicentennial National Trail.

What started as a dream adventure turned out to be more than they had ever imagined. The beauty of the trail didn’t lessen its dangers; with minimal support and all their worldly possessions on horseback, Jackie and Noel made mistakes and with humour learned the hard way.

They were amateur horse-handlers, tackling an epic challenge, but they created something special, unique, and incredibly endearing.

Fears were faced, healed, and conquered. Bonds were forged.

But did the team of seven that started together, finish together?

Saddle up and take a ride along life’s natural trail of trauma, fear, pain, and loyalty.

The Standardbred is a horse breed best known for its ability in harness racing at a trot or pace.


Read What People Are Saying About This Book
‘A story that will resonate with any animal lover, any adventurer, and anyone who enjoys reading about ordinary people achieving truly extraordinary things.’ 

‘A hauntingly beautiful book.’
‘A story that shows how two people continue to discover new strengths in each other through the most dire circumstances.’

‘The humour and humbleness makes this such an enjoyable read.’

‘She conveys her story with searing honesty.’

‘This will stick with readers for a long time.’

How About an excerpt from “A Standard Journey”?
We Won’t Even Have A Sink! 

Galloping down the mountain to find a gun to shoot one of our horses, I realised that I had bitten off more than I could chew.

My borrowed horse sensed my fear as we plunged down the trail. My mind focused on the gun, a necessity to terminate excruciating pain. There was a broken horse on the ridge. He had released a knowing groan as his fetlock snapped.

Plunge, jump, ford – I squeezed my aching legs around my brave mount. We both expelled urgent breaths from our flared nostrils. I had to find a gun!

Sweat and tears mingled, running clean streaks along my grubby face, my eyes stinging. My heart banged in my chest, while the horse’s heart thrummed beneath my calf muscles. Time slowed as if we hurtled through syrup.

I cursed Noel – it was his idea. Not to shoot the horse, but living with horses twenty-four seven while trekking along the Bicentennial National Trail (BNT). We had rescued five lost beasts that could have been destined for dog meat. Over many months of struggle, we had transformed the seven of us into a team.

Who Is Jackie Parry?

Currently Jackie is exploring the French canals on a Dutch barge with her Australian husband.

Originally she was from the UK, Jackie is now an adopted

Australian. She grew up with horses in the UK until her world was shattered with a heart-breaking bereavement. Disillusioned with life she ran away to Australia and met and married Noel. They decided to buy a boat and set sail. So within her first year living in a foreign land, she was getting used to a foreign husband, and a foreign life on board!

Mariah II took Jackie & Noel around the world. Pyewacket II (purchased in San Francisco) took them across the Pacific Ocean for a second time on a more southerly route. Adventures include The Great Loop in the USA plus Canada’s Great Lakes and the French Canals.

As a commercial skipper Jackie has worked internationally, and has been a Marine Rescue skipper. She has also taught commercial maritime. She co-wrote a pilot book (in America) and several hundred magazine articles worldwide. Cruisers’ AA (accumulated acumen) was Jackie (and Noel’s) first self-published book.

Jackie Parry is also a blogger, and she’s a natural!
You won’t be disappointed by what you find on either of these blogs. You may even get a chuckle or two!
Check out her blogs and follow her here:

At www.jackieparry.com &
At www.noelandjackiesjourneys.com

You can also find her on social media channels! 
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by author Jackie Parry!
Please take a moment to leave us a comment, and please don’t pass this book up, you will love it!
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Big News

A few weeks ago I mentioned, on a blog here, that I had a big announcement.

I’ve let the cat out of the bag in messages on Facebook, here and there… but now the “ad” is done, it’s official.

What Ad?
The ad for our Dutch barge, she’s for sale (Rouge Corsair).

Rouge Corsair - 1920s Dutch Barge

Rouge Corsair – 1920s Dutch Barge

We are heading back to Australia.

For many reasons, but as we were contemplating a change, the guy that has three of our horses offered them back. With a big skip and a little tear, we agreed (well, I agreed and then told Noel what I had done!).

So, we’ll be reunited with Charlie, Ned, and Dom.

Sweet Dommie

Sweet Dommie

Ned and Charlie

Ned and Charlie

Well, they’re our family, and if you’ve read A Standard Journey, 5 horses, 2 people, and 1 tent, you’ll understand the bond we created while living together and relying on each other in the bush together.

Lately, I’ve received some lovely emails from professional horse trainers who use a holistic approach – they congratulated us on what we achieved. So, when we get back we’ll build on that work.


So now we’ve finished the complete renovation on our barge and have a nice home, we’ll be heading back to a field and a tent… yes, really…

But! I’m one happy girl!


Personal Notes from Around the World

Most weeks I receive messages from people I’ve never met.

Complete strangers take the time to drop me a personal message about one of my books they’ve just read – and I love every single one!

Today, I received a fabulous note, I’ve connected with this person previously on FB, but we’ve not met – and this made my day.

Hi, Jackie. I finally got around to reading A Standard Journey (told you I was a bit behind!). I took it to bed with me last night intending to read a few pages which is usually all I can manage before falling asleep. Guess what? I read the whole thing in one go!

I absolutely love the way you write – interesting, informative, real and full of raw emotion. You put your whole self on the page. I felt I was out there with you and Noel and it was wonderful to be on your journey. What a gutsy girl you are! And I love how you love your boys (Noel included!!)

I also owned an ex trotter (or rather he owned me) – a 17hh handsome boy with the wonderful name of Woollygoogs! This name was chosen by my daughter who was about 3 or 4 at the time. I understand why you support them – a worthy cause.

Can’t wait to start on This is It! So glad it’s all going well for you and I appreciate the effort you put in to make it all work for you.

And now to write a review.
Isn’t that wonderful?

Relating to A Standard Journey and my ‘boys’ I have a big announcement! It’s a new adventure that’s causing mixed feelings but mainly incredible joy…. post and announcement coming in a few days!


Where Is The Best Office In The World?

Here of course….. sailing along the NSW coast in Australia, on our way to our next adventure.

Sailing (and writing) in my slippers along the NSW coast

Sailing in my slippers! And Writing – this was the beginning of Of Foreign Build… Note the bikes (bike wheels upside down outside the stanchions), the outboard is under the blue canvas by my head. We were on our way!


Perhaps in a TSR (Travelling Stock Route) on the BNT (Bicentennial National Trail) with 5 horses and a tent…


Somewhere nearby there are five very happy horses, gallavanting, galloping, and rolling in the creek! Meanwhile, notes on the horse trekking book A Standard Journey started here….


What about on a 1920s Dutch barge in France? Not bad, but we were (and still are) renovating – it’s a noisy, dusty, and messy place to live and work.



Magdalena Bay, Mexico – the cafe was closed but wifi was on!

In beautiful locations the work doesn't stop!

We’d recently purchased Pyewacket in San Francisco and were on our way to La Paz… but plans changed rapidly. We spent two years sailing back to Australia via Pitcairn and Easter Island, etc…. a tough journey – detail of which in my next book This Is It, out January 2016.


On a barrel in the boat yard in Panama?

The dinghy dock payment each day was good fun too!

Well at least I got to stay relatively clean!


Puttering along the Intracoastal Waterway of America. Near South Carolina on our 10 metre sailing boat Mariah II.

I make time to write anywhere/anytime!

Flat water sailing – yippee!

I’m a travel writer – literally. If you want to travel and work you can – you just have to make it happen.

Where’s your favourite office? Where’s the most exotic, fun, extreme place you’ve worked?


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Barefoot and Fancy-Free

Our horse trek through the Australian bush had the foundations of freedom and independence. Not only were our five boys barefoot but they were bit-less too, i.e.we rode in rope halters – the packing horses were led via halters too. (You can read more about that here).

Dom, Stevie (ridden) and Spirit at the back

Dom, Stevie (ridden) and Spirit at the back

We encountered not one problem with this ethos, except more road work than we envisaged and, therefore, more use of the boots. The bit-less idea worked beautifully. Although I did purchase a specific halter with more leverage for Charlie and his ‘suitcase-sized’ head that he put to good use when he spotted juicy grass!

Charlie, in his halter with extra leverage!

Charlie, in his halter with extra leverage!

I didn’t carry out endless research on barefoot riding, it just seemed to make sense. So, I was intrigued to recently read Linda Chamberlain’s A Barefoot Journey: The story of one woman’s fight against horse shoes.



Linda’s true story is about her fight against horse shoes. She feared metal shoes were harming horses. In this light-hearted account she tells how she battled with her farrier, coped with derision from other riders and saved a horse from slaughter. Mistakes, falls and triumphs are recorded against the background of a divided equine world which was defending the tradition of shoeing…with prosecutions.

Cover_Barefoot_3 (1)

We fostered an incredible bond with our boys (five Standardbreds) and I now believe the start of that remarkable journey was removing their shoes as soon as they came to us.

Happy, healthy boys!

Happy, healthy boys! This is the team I went trail riding with – Spirit, Dom, Stevie, Charlie and Ned

Here’s the review I have written for Linda’s book. Her book’s on Amazon, here.

Review for: A Barefoot Journey

A true story combining her experience and the technical proof that barefoot is what, as horse lovers, we all should be doing.

My boys’ shoes were removed as soon as they got to us. Truly, though, I didn’t understand the magnitude of the damage shoes can do. I wanted them barefoot for the trail riding we were doing – we didn’t have bits in their mouths either, the journey was all about freedom. But it’s logical when you think about it. That’s why her friend at the hospital in the story got it. He didn’t know anything about horses, but the barefoot care made perfect sense to him.

Carrie's rotten feet after the shoes fell off (When Linda first took ownership of Carrie)

Carrie’s rotten feet after the shoes fell off (When Linda first took ownership of Carrie)

As well as passionate about horses, I am passionate about sailing. For many years I was barefoot on a boat, for weeks at sea. My feet actually got bigger, they spread, they became tougher – horses’ feet are the same – they’re flexible, not a lump of nothing at the end of their leg.

 Carrie leading the way, getting better

Carrie leading the way, getting better

But my knowledge extend to the depths of Linda’s I am embarrassed to say. I, too, had horses shod when I was younger. Linda’s story is clever in that you learn along with her. She states the believers and the non-believers case. She doesn’t hold back when she encounters problems in her quest to have all her horses barefoot.

Told with searing honesty, some humour (I giggled at Linda’s antics falling off), and technical explanations -simply written, so they don’t put your head in a spin – this is a must read for anyone with horses or thinking about getting one. It’s also for any animal lover and people who just like to hear tales of people doing the right thing – even if it means sleepless nights, a possible jail term, and wild nightmares.

Thank you Linda, you’ve made a controversial subject so plain and simple to understand. This story was told over fifteen years ago and I know the industry is far more open now – but I also know there are some people still against it. It’s a story that’s still relevant today and will be for a long time to come.

A thoroughly enjoyable read.

Linda's second book - which I've just purchased!

Linda’s second book – which I’ve just purchased!

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Come & Say G’day!

Best-selling author appearance

I’m excited to be on Redwings Horse Sanctuary Stand at The Horse of The Year Show at the NEC in Birmingham this week.

I have gifts and fun stories just for you!

On 9th, 10th, 11th October, stop by and say g’day.

  • Read an excerpt from my book that is helping Redwings to raise money for their rescued horses.
  • If you like the book you can purchase a paperback or an ebook.
  • You get a great story that will stay with you forever, and with that you help a wonderful charity!

Redwings Horse Charity (4)


Book Reading and Signing

Fabulous stories to make you laugh!

Learn how to trek with horses in the Australian Bush

Sunday 4th October at Redwings Charity – Oxhill – Come and meet us!

We adopted five Standardbred Horses and set off into the Australian bush.

Redwings Horse Charity (1)

Redwings Horse Sanctuary – Oxhill
Banbury Road, Kenton, Banbury, Warwickshire

Redwings Oxhill in Warwickshire is part of Redwings Horse Sanctuary and is home to almost 90 rescued horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

This quality assured visitor attraction has a café, gift shop and children’s play area on site and entry is free of charge. It is open every day until the end of November from 10am to 4pm.

The centre can be found 10 miles south of Stratford upon Avon on the A422.

A Standard Journey – 5 horses, 2 people, and 1 tent

A Standard Journey front cover v2 reduced


Horseback Adventure

Freedom, horse gear, hard work, and a journey that will stay with you forever

‘You don’t need all that gear, look what motorcyclists take.’ I was shown two small panniers, not much bigger than handbags, hooked on the back of a bike.

This is one of the comments I’ve received on the equipment we carried when we trekked in the Australian bush with five horse; it’s all listed out in the back of the book A Standard Journey, or you can see it all here: via pictures.


Mid journey, this was after we had whittled down the equipment even more – bare necessities here!

Bike vs Horse
For a start, if you are camping out with your motorbike and you need something, you can hop on your bike and speed off at 80 km to the nearest shops. You can’t do that on a horse that’s just trekked for six to eight hours carrying your world possessions and you!

Secondly, bikes don’t need feeding, grooming, first aid, rugs, boots, saddles, saddle blankets, fencing, electric fence equipment, water buckets, nose bags… and on it goes.

We'd just unloaded here - next job (once the horses were taken care of) was to sort our gear and pitch the tent

We’d just unloaded here – next job (once the horses were taken care of) was to sort our gear and pitch the tent

Personal equipment
I’d say fifty percent of the equipment comprised saddles (riding and pack – five in total) saddle blankets, halters and reins. You can’t get very far without any of this.

We were throwing out the hard panniers and buying back-packs - the saddle is in the camp shop - they are big and heavy

We were throwing out the hard panniers and buying back-packs – the saddle is in the camp shop – they are big and heavy

Forty percent of the gear would be for the horses, the fencing, water buckets, rugs, food, grooming kit, first aid kit…. etc

Our camp - second tent phase! The grey lump near the horses is all the horse gear

Our camp – second tent phase! The grey lump near the horses is all the horse gear

That leaves ten percent for Noel and I. That’s five percent each for clothes, food, cooking gear, first aid kit, tent and… well that was pretty much it!

First set up with hard panniers

First set up with hard panniers

Second, and much improved, set up, with back-packs

Second, and much improved, set up, with back-packs

We made comprises and worked harder than we ever did in our entire lives. But there were great rewards, we had one mobile phone for emergencies and ninety percent of the time that had no signal. We had no internet, no car to run, no office to sit in. What we had was nature, freedom and five of the most incredible horses you will ever read about.



Take a look at our photo album of our trip and if you’d like to read the story, here’s the link. You can read an excerpt first if you want…. then the reviews.

I donate fifty percent of profits to horse charities, here’s a website on  A Helping Hand for Horses.

oh and BTW, I’ve just reduced the ebook price.

What are you waiting for?

What they are saying

‘A hauntingly beautiful book.’

‘This will stick with readers for a long time’

‘The journey was not all they had expected’

‘The trail presented obstacles at every turn’

‘The journey itself makes for incredibly engaging & interesting reading’

‘The details of the trip are fascinating’

‘I couldn’t put it down’

‘The horses are as real and vividly drawn as the humans in this book.’

‘The moments when the horses get “naughty” are hilarious’


An Exhilarating Tale For 99 cents / 99 pence

Let me transport you into the Australian bush….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There’s only Noel and I and five huge horses!….. We did have a tent too!

Here’s our story of our adopted horses, trail riding for three months without support and a woman who questions her life while she falls in love with horses all over again.

50% of profits of this book will be donated to *horse charities

NO – YOU don’t pay more. I donate to charity from my earnings!

Get wrapped up in this thrilling ride – I’ll take care of the donations


Here’s what’s being said already:

‘To enjoy this thoroughly, all you need to know about horses is that the head’s the front and the tail’s the back.’

‘For me, this is a book about journeys: why we do them; with whom; how they challenge and change us; why they are so difficult to end.’

‘Even the chapter headings are well-written – eg “Bucking and Farting” and “Here’s My Heart.”’

‘It has some very moving moments of unexpected kindness – human and equine – that stayed with me after I’d finished the book.”

“Heartily recommended”

“A story that will resonate with any animal lover, any adventurer, and anyone

who enjoys reading about ordinary peopleSAMSUNG achieving truly extraordinary things.”

Meet the stars!

The paperback book contains colour pictures and links into another world, but here’s the full photo album here: https://jackieparry.com/photo-album/ – meet the real stars of the story.

Please share – together let’s make a difference!

* Currently, supporting SPPHA – Standard Pleasure and Performance Horses Association and Redwings Horse Sanctuary