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Personal Notes from Around the World


Most weeks I receive messages from people I’ve never met.

Complete strangers take the time to drop me a personal message about one of my books they’ve just read – and I love every single one!

Today, I received a fabulous note, I’ve connected with this person previously on FB, but we’ve not met – and this made my day.

Hi, Jackie. I finally got around to reading A Standard Journey (told you I was a bit behind!). I took it to bed with me last night intending to read a few pages which is usually all I can manage before falling asleep. Guess what? I read the whole thing in one go!

I absolutely love the way you write – interesting, informative, real and full of raw emotion. You put your whole self on the page. I felt I was out there with you and Noel and it was wonderful to be on your journey. What a gutsy girl you are! And I love how you love your boys (Noel included!!)

I also owned an ex trotter (or rather he owned me) – a 17hh handsome boy with the wonderful name of Woollygoogs! This name was chosen by my daughter who was about 3 or 4 at the time. I understand why you support them – a worthy cause.

Can’t wait to start on This is It! So glad it’s all going well for you and I appreciate the effort you put in to make it all work for you.

And now to write a review.
Isn’t that wonderful?

Relating to A Standard Journey and my ‘boys’ I have a big announcement! It’s a new adventure that’s causing mixed feelings but mainly incredible joy…. post and announcement coming in a few days!


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10 thoughts on “Personal Notes from Around the World

  1. Juat wonderful! It’s all true too! Xx

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  2. Reblogged this on Val Poore and commented:
    The real rewards of writing!

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    • Thanks for reblogging! Yes, it is one of the rewards, I am truly blown away by the personal messages I receive – I love every single one and am making virtual friends all around the world! 🙂


  3. On pins and needles, can’t wait for your announcement

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  4. Me too! – looking forward to finding out what it is. The mixed feelings bit is intriguing…


  5. What a fantastic heart note from a happy reader! You are blessed.


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