Jackie Parry – author


“I loved “Of Foreign Build.” The book is listed as a memoir, a misnomer I believe, as I found it to be much more. It’s really a love story, an adventure story, and a story of personal growth and determination all rolled into a nine year odyssey. I was hooked from the beginning few pages by a four word sentence that, in context, was one of the most powerful I’ve read. In fact, Parry’s writing was excellent throughout, liberally dosed with wit, humor, and above all, honesty. I had a great voyage, from raging seas to rainbows, with Jackie, Noel, and a third character in the story, a lovely lady named Mariah ll. I highly recommend this book.”  Glen Barrera

“Absolutely loved this book. A tragedy in life and an almost too soon new love gripped me and freshened a similar memory. She writes extremely well; her stories of terror as she learns to sail has me gripping the arms of my chair! Truthfully told the joys and the sorrows of leaving behind security, home and friends sometimes brings a tear. The descriptions of the different cultures is vivid as are the relationships developed in the sailing community. Heartily and warmly recommended. She is a lady I would love to meet!” Rosalie.

“I have just put down Foreign Build and had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I found it so easy to immerse myself into. Your insight-fullness and sense of adventure captured me. At the moment I am anchored 200m from Mariah 2, so what a surreal feeling,whilst finishing your book.” Brian Dorling.

“It made me cry, laugh and quake with fear in equal measure.” Val Poore, Author.

“Just finished reading Of Foreign Build. What a great book! I drifted and sailed thru the chapters just like the waves enjoying each port along the way. Beautifully written with honesty, humour and love for all living creatures on this planet ( except rats and spiders!) I want to sail around the world again now!” Linda Frylink Anderson

“It’s a long while since I’ve so engaged with a book. Of Foreign Build is so well written that I felt I met every new wave and every new friend.” Contentedsouls.

“I got it [Of Foreign Build] this morning and I can’t put it down.. Just make sure that the phone is off the hook, the cat is outside, there are no little people around and that you have a good supply of Tea on hand, because once you start this book, you’ll not want to put it down either!” Debbie Hodsdon-Shemilt

“From what I hear your book is unreal. I can see my partner going through a range of emotions as she reads it, very interesting  I think she is connecting a lot with the first steps you take into the world of boats. I think you are answering a lot of questions that I can’t. This is already the best book we have found so far in the early stages of our literal sea change and I haven’t even turned a page. It will take a lot to beat Cruisers AA for me, but I can’t wait to find out!” M. R.

“Moving, rousing, uplifting, stimulating. All ‘doing’ words that inspire you in your quest to experience a full and meaningful life. Yet sometimes it’s difficult to know how and where to start. If this is you, then this book is a ‘must-read’! It takes you on a journey with a gal who, you will learn, is extraordinary but also very ordinary. Someone who has drifted but has also been fiercely determined to control her life’s path, all the way taking risks to give it meaning. And while the adventure happens to be set in the sailing world, the story it tells is not just for sailors. It will appeal to anyone seeking affirmation that there are options to the grind we all know. Read this and you’ll discover anything is possible!” Andrea Stafford.

“I’ve just finished the book and felt I had sailed all those nautical miles with you.  Such a pleasure to read of your adventures and personal growth!  Thank you for sharing those exciting years.” Sarah Allen

“Whether you’re an armchair traveller or have a suitcase permanently on standby, this engaging memoir is a must-read.“…a fast-paced series of adventures that any lover of travel
writing will enjoy.” Danielle Rose, Prose & Cons Editing

Jackie Parry’s tale of heartache and redemption is both a testament to her resolve to face life head-on after personal tragedy, and a reminder that such a journey cannot be taken alone.
The book does have its belly-laughs too, and Jackie’s humour and outlook on life are at the forefront of this tale.
With a knack for explaining her naivety around boats with a charming self-awareness, the author shares her sense of wonder at her new life and the challenges it presents with raw emotion.
Of Foreign Build is a privilege to read and highly recommended.” Rachel Amphlett, Author

“Jackie’s writing of her life journey parallels many of ours but most of it is on a small sailing boat crossing oceans and completing a circumnavigation of the globe. You will commiserate with her lows and rejoice with the many highs in this interesting and colourful adventure. It grabs your complete attention!!” Carole & Barrie Grant

“It is a great book, buy it!” Shelley Wright


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