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Book Reviews and Memories of my Memoir Writing!


Do you forget what you write? I chatted with Erin Carey this morning for my Turning Your Cruising Dreams into Reality Podcast show, and I quoted part of her blog.

“Did I write that!” She said.

Now this morning, I awake to a note from a lady who is reading “Of Foreign Build – From Corporate Girl to Sea Gypsy Women”. She quoted a paragraph…

“I just found a lovely passage for you in Jackie’s book….”

‘During most trips, dolphins became part of our journey. At night, nearing Sri Lanka, we couldn’t see the dolphins themselves, but their outline in the green phosphorescence that ran off their backs and around their sides. So dark was the night and so bright the phosphorescence, that the dolphins appeared as shooting comets, as they slipped through ‘Mariah’s’ wake. The green, breathing torpedoes accompanied us for some time, relieving the monotony of the dark, lonely night.’

Thoroughly loving this book “Of Foreign Build” by Jackie Parry……”

Jackie Parry sailing memoir and horse riding trail riding memoir

What a lovely reminder, and I, too, had forgotten what I wrote. Perhaps it is time to re-read my own books!

This week I received another lovely note from a read of “A Standard Journey – 5 horses, 2 people, and 1 tent” her words brought tears of gratitude to my eyes…

“If you’re looking for an authentically written and driven story -this is definitely one of them. I thought 5 horses, two people and I tent – in the 21st century is this for real- are they for real? I wasn’t a skeptic of their story, I was in awe of their tenacity and courage.

What I got in return was laughter, tears and a wonderful anticipation of what would happen next. As an Australian who has lived in the country (opposed to the city) all my adult life, I was fascinated by the way Jackie experiences and recalls the flora and fauna with almost exploratory eyes.

Personally though I was most intrigued and interested in the human to horse relationship. I am now more aware than ever before of the sentience of these magnificent mammals who are undoubtedly Jackie’s family.

Full stop! sacrifice after sacrifice, throughout the story it is utmost clear where Jackie’s heart lies. Thankyou from my heart to yours.”

I am now tackling the day with a huge smile. Authors need reviews, if you like a book, please just say a few words, so other readers can make an informed decision on their next purchase.

Personally, this makes my heart sing, if you’ve tackled a project for years that almost brought you to your knees with effort and exhaustion, several times – you’ll understand.

So worth it – so special – so grateful.

Have you written a review that has made an author’s heart sing?


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5 thoughts on “Book Reviews and Memories of my Memoir Writing!

  1. Hi Jacqui
    Phil from Master5 Moruya
    I am writing a book of fiction based on the sea of course. Would like to discuss some publishing options with you.
    Cheers Phil


  2. Reviews like these are just wonderful. They would – and have – put a huge smile on my face as well and help us remember why we write. 🙂

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