Jackie Parry – author

Of Foreign Build

After suffering an emotionally-brutal bereavement and against her counsellor’s advice, Jackie ran away. Suddenly within a new culture, with a new husband, and no friends, she was living in the obscure world of cruising with zero knowledge of boats.

Crashing within the first twenty-four hours, Jackie realised life would never be the same again; a floating home with no fridge or hot water, and with a dinghy instead of a car. Suffering self doubts, she became fearful of her new world.

The first off-shore voyage took Jackie into a ferocious storm, which battered her physically and mentally. Amid the raging seas, Jackie shed the fear she’d been harbouring.

Soon she was blissfully voyaging around the world, but she still carried the mixed emotions of losing one man, while falling head over heels in love with another.

Not only did Jackie deal successfully with the challenges of her new existence, she also battled with the testosterone fuelled nautical world to become both a professional captain and a qualified maritime teacher.

Most importantly, Jackie found herself.

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21 thoughts on “Of Foreign Build

  1. Ooooooh I can’t wait to read it! Sounds very empowering for all women.


  2. I shall be looking out for this as well…your book blurb has a similar ring to mine, although I did the reverse and moved from dry land living in South Africa to living on the water in Holland 🙂


    • Thanks Val – lovely to hear from you. I tried to log onto your website, but it says it can’t find it – can you give me your website please. I am intrigued now and would like to have a look. Thanks.


  3. Cannot wait to read of your adventures!!!


  4. Hi Jackie, A friend posted your link on FB about the 20 realities. Hilarious & so true! My husband & I are about to start our 2nd season cruising in Mexico. I love the life so far. Please let me know when your new book is available.
    Thanks for being an inspiration to other women sailors thru sharing your experiences!


    • Hi Kathryn! Thanks for your kind words, I really enjoyed writing that piece. Mexico is wonderful, but we didn’t stay long. Of Foreign Build will be available in November, keep an eye on our website for promotions! 🙂


  5. Looking forward to great read, excitement and your challenges. Tissues laughter good for soul.


  6. Hey guys!! Looking forward to purchasing “OF FOREIGN BUILD” tomorrow at a great price. Thanks!! I’ve been eyeing this one. Adding to my Goodreads TBR now. Just started following your blog after finding OFB on Kindle Book Review. Love looking at your pics and I’m sure the book will be just as great. I recently watched a documentary on Laura Dekker, called Maidentrip. All I can say is WOW!! It definitely opened my eyes to the beauty of sailing, ocean adventures filled with everyday wonder, and the hard work and dedication involved in sailing. One doesn’t just get on a boat and cast away!!! It’s a brave soul, with an adventurous spirit, that can become a sea gypsy. How I wish it could be me!! Until then, I will live vicariously thru your books and blog. Thanks!! 🙂

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  7. looks very interesting read wouldn’t mind this book


  8. Just finished OF foreign Build. I have read lots of sailing books from our snow bound home in Maine. (USA) but hands down your was the pick of the group. I love your writing style and admire your courage combined with your love of adventure. I to traveled around the world two and a half times but I was on a 500 ft. Rusty steamer making a living. I enjoyed your trip through the Canels especially the Panama. I must catch up with your other books.


    • Hi Clyde, I’ve just finished a yukky job (painting a cabin) and feeling overwhelmed with chemicals and blobs of paint on body parts – and then I sit down and read your email! You’ve made my day and cheered me up! Thanks so much for taking the time to write, and I am thrilled you enjoyed my story. I am also intrigued with your travels, a 500ft rusty steamer, sounds divine, do you have any pictures? As for our other books Cruisers’ AA is the first book (written with Noel), and is all our boating knowledge into print, with stories too. A Standard Journey (5 young horses, 2 old people and a tent!) is out in May. We rescued five horses and trained them (more like they trained us!) and we trekked across part of the Bicentennial National Trail of Australia. I am giving 50% of all proceeds of this book to help rescue more horses, so I am really excited about this one. I’ve also started writing the story on flying to America to buy our second boat and sail it home, via Easter Island and Pitcairn etc… a hard trip but a marvellous adventure. As you can tell I like to chat! Thanks again for stopping by, please do so again sometime…. if you are comfortable to put your lovely words on a review on Amazon, that would be brilliant! But you’ve made me happy girl just writing to me – cheers! J


  9. Enjoyed the book very much. Moving on to This is it. Thanks


  10. Gutsy Lady! What a journey learning to live again! Loved this book!

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