Jackie Parry – author

Jackie & Noel

For more information on our escapades see our other website here.

Originally from the UK, Jackie is now an adopted Australian. She grew up with horses in the UK until her world was shattered with a bereavement. Disillusioned with life she ran away to Australia and met and married Noel. They decided to buy a boat and set sail. So within her first year living in a foreign land she was getting used to a foreign husband and a foreign life on board!

Noel was also disillusioned with life too, then he met Jackie. He had the idea of going sailing and somehow just knew Jackie would fit right in. Noel has a lifetime of sailing experience and rather itchy feet!

Mariah II took Jackie & Noel around the world. Pyewacket II (their second boat, purchased in San Francisco) took them across the Pacific Ocean for a second time on a more southerly route. Adventures include The Great Loop in the USA plus Canada’s Great Lakes and the French Canals.

As commercial skippers they have both worked internationally, they have been Marine Rescue skippers and teach commercial maritime. They have both achieved Certificate IV in Maritime (Master 4 – up to 80 metre vessels) and hold MED3 (Marine Engine Driver) certificates. They’ve co-written a pilot book (in America) and several hundred magazine articles worldwide. In 2013 they published Cruisers’ AA (accumulated acumen) and Jackie has recently published Of Foreign Build-from corporate girl to sea-gypsy woman.

May 2015 – Jackie’s next book – A Standard Journey will be launched. A story of 5 young horses, 2 old people and a tent! Fifty percent of all proceeds of this book will be donated to help rescue more horses.

Currently, they are on board their 1920s Dutch barge in France.


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  1. Sent a message on another message bar, looking for info on the Aleutian 51


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