Jackie Parry – author

This Is It

This Is It – 2 hemispheres, 2 people, and 1 boat, will be available late January/early February

We are from Australia, we have cash, and we have jet-lag and a desperate stare in our eye. In short, we are mugs ready to be led down the path of nautical slavery. If you can’t sell us a boat, there is something very wrong.’ 

They knew this moment would shape the rest of their cruising lives.

With their incurable curiosity and desire for an adventure, they sold all their belongings and flew to America in search of a boat.

The pull back to the ocean was too strong to ignore any longer. Four years prior, they circumnavigated the globe on their thirty-three foot boat, Mariah. Now they wanted a new challenge.

From the perils at Pitcairn to the grand statues of Easter Island, Jackie and Noel set sail south to the remotest inhabited island in the world.

Along the way, they lose a friend and come nail-bitingly close to losing their new boat, but they gained so much more: a voyage that left them breathless from fear and a journey of not only travel but of two truly nomadic gypsies.

This is a story of travel, love, and relationships and two people figuring out life and fulfilling their need to move and be challenged.