Jackie Parry – author

Our Horses

Spirit – 15.2hh Bay gelding,tough, incredibly strong and so very pretty. A true workhorse that likes to play and be cheeky. Spirit has boundaries, when he has finished work, that is his time (and rightly so). But when working for you, he’ll give you everything he has and more. He loves packing.


Charlie, 16hh bay gelding. Will do whatever you ask once he understands what it is. Charlie has the kindest eyes and the funniest lips (when searching for carrots). He loves being ridden and thoroughly enjoys exploring – he is loving our adventures.


Ned (Neddy-boy), 15hh liver cheshnut, gelding. Neddy will do anything to please you. He loves company and although he appears a little nervous sometimes, he is so brave and now he trusts us, he does everything we ask, even if it is new. He is fun and becoming playfully naughty.


Stevie – 15.2hh, bay gelding. Stevie is always the first the try something new. He loves being out in front and going to new places. He always knows what we are up to and knows dinner is coming before we even start preparing it. He doesn’t like leg aids, but you talk to him and ask him to do whatever you want and he is always happy to oblige – a great allrounder and a gorgeous boy.


Dom, 15.1hh (and growing!), 4 year old, Bay gelding. Dom is a beauty and only just broken in, but coming on fantastically. He will do anything for us and loves to play – he is great at stirring up the team when he wants a run. Another fabulous horse.



2 thoughts on “Our Horses

  1. Just came across your site. Nicole and I are wondering who on earth is living on Rouge Corsaire! Where do you keep the horses, in the hold?


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