Jackie Parry – author


“I ordered the book on Amazon and have read about 30 pages so far and am enjoying it. The book is incredibly well written and entertaining. I noticed my husband picked it up and started carrying it around with him. I figured I would get up early this morning and do a little reading! Congratulations Jackie great book, I would highly recommend it to anyone.” Robin Araujo

“… buy and browse this information packed book.” Cruising World Magazine (USA)

Jackie and Noel’s wealth of knowledge and experience makes them the perfect couple to turn to when you need some cruising advice – whether you are cruising newbie or a veteran cruiser. Cruisers’ AA offers readers years of accumulated expertise written in an entertaining style. It is the kind of book you can pick up, open to any page and read a new tidbit of practical information.’ The Seven Seas Cruising Association,  http://www.ssca.org/

‘Cruisers’ AA is a remarkable reference [book]. . . . there is a depth of information that beggars the imagination on everything . . . easy to read . . . well laid out making it a most enjoyable read . . . a must for anyones collection.’ Cruise News Magazine (The Official Newsletter of the Island Cruising Assoc. www.islandcruising.org

‘There are other books that describe gear, provisioning and so on for passagemaking. What sets Cruisers’ AA apart is the tongue-in-cheek, humorous nature of Parry’s writing, and a willngness to go where others have not . . .” Sailing Magazine, USA.

‘This is a new and fascinating insight on how to go cruising. It is written in a way which makes it very easy to read it in chunks and absorb the information given. . . all very well written and entertaining. A thoroughly good read, and a must if you are considering hitting the Big Blue.’ The Islander Magazine (www.theislander.net)

‘Cruisers’ AA is probably the most comprehensive reference book designed for preparation for a cruising life.’ Afloat Magazine (Jan 2014), http://www.afloat.com.au

Nine dollars! [for an ebook] ya gotta be joking. At that price you should sell thousands. It’s a no-brainer. Petrea McCarthy Yacht Rigging and Maintenance. (Petrea’s full review was in the March edition of Cruising Helsman magazine- Australia).

‘If you have a boat,or just interested in the lifestyle you should have this book.I found it very easy to read and to refer to.This book has been written by ordinary people who have done extraordinary things and have now shared their knowledge in down to earth and entertaining fashion. Highly recommended.’ Brian D

‘Cruisers’ AA is essential reading for anyone setting sail on the high seas. There is a wealth of information on everything from boat
equipment, maintenance,navigation to house keeping and buying & cooking of food. The attractive lay out and many photos for demonstration or things of interest make for a most enjoyable read. As do the short stories, some provide guidance, others are sharing the journey with the reader. This very interesting book is to be enjoyed by sailors & landlubbers alike and I recommend it to all adventurers.’ Anne Norris.

‘At last a book I don’t have to squint to read – it is “The Bible” great stuff!’ Sue, sailing vessel Nechtan

‘Your book is brilliant – wish it had been around 10 years ago when we were cruising.’ Tom, sailing vessel Nechtan