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My Mum – My Self Appointed PR Rep

My mum is Brilliant…

…and probably about to be arrested!

Unique PR

I produced some rather snazzy bookmarks, detailing my books/adventures. My mum hands them out to anyone she meets or whoever knocks on her front door. She’s brilliant – my No.1 fan – and quite passionate!

She has just written me a note about accosting someone famous on my behalf! She’s either brilliant or mad – but probably both. She says:

On the way home Dad went into Sainsbury’s car park to get the papers and a few bits and whilst I sat in the car. You’ll never guess who walked passed, ONLY Paul Young!! I smashed on the window and leapt out of the car and said who I was plus you and ENPC (Enfield Chase Pony Club).  I think he thought I was some mad woman accosting him.  I blurted out your CV and could have kicked myself as I didn’t have any BOOKMARKS to give him. What an absolute chump am I!  Anyway, I mentioned www.jackieandnoelsjourneys.com and think he got it but he was in a hurry and had to get away.”

Mum’s not totally loopy – Paul’s daughter used to be a team member of Enfield Chace Prince Philip Cup Team and my mum and dad used to manage this team – so she did know him (and, I believe, he has sailing on his bucket list).

I was suitably impressed, as the first album I ever purchased was No Parlez. The first time I saw Paul was on daytime TV, after Rainbow, I was off sick from school – I’ve admired his work ever since.

I think Mum deserves a pay-rise, I’ve offered her double what she receives now – I think that’s fair.


I’ve offered Paul an audio, kindle or paperback book – I wonder if he’ll receive my message – perhaps he’s a little scared…..   not from my mum – but selling up and living your dream is a brave step…



What To Write About

This blog has lost its way a little – so I’ve signed up for some book-blog-tours on books I’ve read that I’d like to share with you. (All via Rukia Publishing).

I’m branching out into some new genres and the authors of those books will share excerpts and their writing experiences.

One tour will be my own story – with fun, hilarious, and scary stories from This Is It. Like “Shark Encounter” – “So This is What Being Kidnapped Feels Like” – “What Travelling The World Taught Me” – “Mexican Dramas” – “‘Where’s that water coming from?’ – a mid-ocean panic!”

That will start soon, in the meantime if you want to know more about my latest – here’s a wonderful (and descriptive) review from a truly great sailing magazine – Afloat.

Three difficult weeks at sea, living on a tilting vessel!

Three difficult weeks at sea, living on a tilting vessel!


How a few words change everything

It’s funny when a harmless comment someone makes keeps you awake all night – but more importantly it makes you think.

Let me briefly explain, I’ve embarked on a Cover Wars competition, where my book cover is alongside four other covers and people (hopefully) vote.

I received a message last night saying, “I don’t usually like this sort of voting,” she also said, “I voted as I believe in your work, your journey and your story, usually I feel compelled to vote for a friend rather than on the strength of their work.”

And she is so very right. And, this really made me think.

I am often up at all hours, thinking, writing, marketing...

I am often up at all hours, thinking, writing, marketing…

Today when I posted a reminder to vote (as requested by the FB page admin), I explained WHY I was doing this. I receive help with marketing if my cover wins. Let me tell you, marketing on your own, when you really have no-clue, is tough, very tough.

But, immediately, I received thank-you messages and lovely emails saying that, now, it all makes more sense.

The problem I have is that, I KNOW in my mind what is happening and I merrily assume everyone else does! (Just ask my husband!)

So, to explain. I’m not egotistical by nature, but the truth is, for a day or two I did become a little narcissistic! However, with this comment and a bit of thought (at 2 am!) – I realised I am quite happy if you don’t want to vote or if you click on the link and prefer another cover – fair dos and all that. The other Authors have worked just as hard!

But what I am, is an author that is alone. I write, I edit, I publish and I market. I have lovely support from friends and family (and a paid editor) but what I don’t have is a team of publishers and marketers…. it is all little ole’ me.

In beautiful locations the work doesn't stop!

In beautiful locations the work doesn’t stop!

I do this ‘stuff’ to help let people know that there is a book out there they may want to read. I am never going to be rich doing this – but maybe I can give someone a little enjoyment and perhaps cover my costs one day.