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How a few words change everything

It’s funny when a harmless comment someone makes keeps you awake all night – but more importantly it makes you think.

Let me briefly explain, I’ve embarked on a Cover Wars competition, where my book cover is alongside four other covers and people (hopefully) vote.

I received a message last night saying, “I don’t usually like this sort of voting,” she also said, “I voted as I believe in your work, your journey and your story, usually I feel compelled to vote for a friend rather than on the strength of their work.”

And she is so very right. And, this really made me think.

I am often up at all hours, thinking, writing, marketing...

I am often up at all hours, thinking, writing, marketing…

Today when I posted a reminder to vote (as requested by the FB page admin), I explained WHY I was doing this. I receive help with marketing if my cover wins. Let me tell you, marketing on your own, when you really have no-clue, is tough, very tough.

But, immediately, I received thank-you messages and lovely emails saying that, now, it all makes more sense.

The problem I have is that, I KNOW in my mind what is happening and I merrily assume everyone else does! (Just ask my husband!)

So, to explain. I’m not egotistical by nature, but the truth is, for a day or two I did become a little narcissistic! However, with this comment and a bit of thought (at 2 am!) – I realised I am quite happy if you don’t want to vote or if you click on the link and prefer another cover – fair dos and all that. The other Authors have worked just as hard!

But what I am, is an author that is alone. I write, I edit, I publish and I market. I have lovely support from friends and family (and a paid editor) but what I don’t have is a team of publishers and marketers…. it is all little ole’ me.

In beautiful locations the work doesn't stop!

In beautiful locations the work doesn’t stop!

I do this ‘stuff’ to help let people know that there is a book out there they may want to read. I am never going to be rich doing this – but maybe I can give someone a little enjoyment and perhaps cover my costs one day.