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How a few words change everything


It’s funny when a harmless comment someone makes keeps you awake all night – but more importantly it makes you think.

Let me briefly explain, I’ve embarked on a Cover Wars competition, where my book cover is alongside four other covers and people (hopefully) vote.

I received a message last night saying, “I don’t usually like this sort of voting,” she also said, “I voted as I believe in your work, your journey and your story, usually I feel compelled to vote for a friend rather than on the strength of their work.”

And she is so very right. And, this really made me think.

I am often up at all hours, thinking, writing, marketing...

I am often up at all hours, thinking, writing, marketing…

Today when I posted a reminder to vote (as requested by the FB page admin), I explained WHY I was doing this. I receive help with marketing if my cover wins. Let me tell you, marketing on your own, when you really have no-clue, is tough, very tough.

But, immediately, I received thank-you messages and lovely emails saying that, now, it all makes more sense.

The problem I have is that, I KNOW in my mind what is happening and I merrily assume everyone else does! (Just ask my husband!)

So, to explain. I’m not egotistical by nature, but the truth is, for a day or two I did become a little narcissistic! However, with this comment and a bit of thought (at 2 am!) – I realised I am quite happy if you don’t want to vote or if you click on the link and prefer another cover – fair dos and all that. The other Authors have worked just as hard!

But what I am, is an author that is alone. I write, I edit, I publish and I market. I have lovely support from friends and family (and a paid editor) but what I don’t have is a team of publishers and marketers…. it is all little ole’ me.

In beautiful locations the work doesn't stop!

In beautiful locations the work doesn’t stop!

I do this ‘stuff’ to help let people know that there is a book out there they may want to read. I am never going to be rich doing this – but maybe I can give someone a little enjoyment and perhaps cover my costs one day.


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10 thoughts on “How a few words change everything

  1. Comment from Carole Grant via email (she asked me to post this here, as she cannot due to password probs!) : “You may only end up being a *hundred-aire* from the sale of your books but you have given man, hundreds of times over, pleasure, adventure, and a resource for the dreamers, the armchair sailors and those out there. Keep writing. We can’t wait for the next book!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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    • Thanks Carole, I would be delighted to be a ‘hundred-aire’! 🙂 Am writing writing writing – next book, percentage of proceeds go to charity! A heart-wrenching, heart-warming, funny story coming up – soon! 🙂


  2. I am loving your book and I am up to uour arrival in Kent which is where I was born!
    Ps I voted again today 🙂
    From your biggest fan in Christchurch New Zealand


    • Thanks Viki you are just fabulous! Your comments are so appreciated. Thanks for voting for me again!! Nice to know a bit more about you – you too have a fan who is from the UK, usually living in Aus but currently on a Dutch Barge in France with an Aussie husband – no wonder I am confused! 😉

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  3. Jackie, as a fellow self-publisher, I know what you meant. The marketing part is really really hard. I really hate it when it’s for myself, but love doing it for others. I didn’t know that this cover wars things helps with marketing (maybe I’ll try it!) but I too voted because of what I’ve read of your book so far, and also, because your cover really is captivating!! And I mean that! I think that as a writer, when all’s said and done, you want people to vote for you because they’ve enjoyed your work – not because you’re a friend, so believe me when I say I voted because of the content and the cover first and foremost!! The fact that you’re a great, courageous and fun person too is secondary – but then that’s what makes your book so good too! You go girl!


    • Thanks Val, those words and thoughts mean the world. Yes, you want people to vote because they enjoy your work. The first few days I lost touch with that – not good! But I have good friends, family and support, that bring me back down to earth and I am feeling much better about myself. I have achieved what I wanted to achieve (for this book!). The Cover Wars is driving traffic to my website, so that is working just fine. It will be lovely to win, but I am not so “desperate” to win, when I first started! Thanks again x


  4. Hi Jackie. The way I feel about your writing and your subsequent marketing is that…everybody has to work and earn money. You are putting your time and effort into your chosen vocation just as I did with mine….when I was as young as you :). I do not think you are narcissistic. You are realistic and very hard working. And I love the fruits of your labor. No excuses needed.


    • Hi Rolande, thanks so much for saying that. That’s just what I need to hear. I do take EVERY comment on board, chew on it, think about it, mull it. What you say is so true and thanks for reminding me xxx.


  5. Keep up the hard work Jackie and I hope that someday you reap just rewards – off to vote for your cover again now.


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