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Big News


A few weeks ago I mentioned, on a blog here, that I had a big announcement.

I’ve let the cat out of the bag in messages on Facebook, here and there… but now the “ad” is done, it’s official.

What Ad?
The ad for our Dutch barge, she’s for sale (Rouge Corsair).

Rouge Corsair - 1920s Dutch Barge

Rouge Corsair – 1920s Dutch Barge

We are heading back to Australia.

For many reasons, but as we were contemplating a change, the guy that has three of our horses offered them back. With a big skip and a little tear, we agreed (well, I agreed and then told Noel what I had done!).

So, we’ll be reunited with Charlie, Ned, and Dom.

Sweet Dommie

Sweet Dommie

Ned and Charlie

Ned and Charlie

Well, they’re our family, and if you’ve read A Standard Journey, 5 horses, 2 people, and 1 tent, you’ll understand the bond we created while living together and relying on each other in the bush together.

Lately, I’ve received some lovely emails from professional horse trainers who use a holistic approach – they congratulated us on what we achieved. So, when we get back we’ll build on that work.


So now we’ve finished the complete renovation on our barge and have a nice home, we’ll be heading back to a field and a tent… yes, really…

But! I’m one happy girl!


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14 thoughts on “Big News

  1. Good luck, You two, with new trails. Your life is a book….well several actually. πŸ™‚ Well done!
    Rolande and Angus

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  2. The Adventure continues, xxxx


  3. Congratulations Hope you get a quick sale and head back to your roots and get the next book going. Surely you have had a lot to share doing the “Barge” trips.

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    • Thanks Clyde. Yes, lots to share…. a good few yarns – maybe linking it in with our travels back (hmmm, I might PM you about that!) – we’ll keep you up to date on our blogs, and I may think of scribbling again soon … thanks for your support! πŸ™‚


  4. Congratulations! A big change, but it sounds like a great one! Best of luck! Looking forward to hearing more soon πŸ™‚

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  5. You just like change πŸ™‚ I hope the sale goes well. You coming back to G.P.? If so we must catch up for a coffee!

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  6. Ohhh! That’d be fun! You never know on the boat scene – it is something we are thinking about… or perhaps a delivery. There are other ideas percolating too! Whatever it is, it will surprise us too! πŸ˜‰


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