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Where Is The Best Office In The World?


Here of course….. sailing along the NSW coast in Australia, on our way to our next adventure.

Sailing (and writing) in my slippers along the NSW coast

Sailing in my slippers! And Writing – this was the beginning of Of Foreign Build… Note the bikes (bike wheels upside down outside the stanchions), the outboard is under the blue canvas by my head. We were on our way!


Perhaps in a TSR (Travelling Stock Route) on the BNT (Bicentennial National Trail) with 5 horses and a tent…


Somewhere nearby there are five very happy horses, gallavanting, galloping, and rolling in the creek! Meanwhile, notes on the horse trekking book A Standard Journey started here….


What about on a 1920s Dutch barge in France? Not bad, but we were (and still are) renovating – it’s a noisy, dusty, and messy place to live and work.



Magdalena Bay, Mexico – the cafe was closed but wifi was on!

In beautiful locations the work doesn't stop!

We’d recently purchased Pyewacket in San Francisco and were on our way to La Paz… but plans changed rapidly. We spent two years sailing back to Australia via Pitcairn and Easter Island, etc…. a tough journey – detail of which in my next book This Is It, out January 2016.


On a barrel in the boat yard in Panama?

The dinghy dock payment each day was good fun too!

Well at least I got to stay relatively clean!


Puttering along the Intracoastal Waterway of America. Near South Carolina on our 10 metre sailing boat Mariah II.

I make time to write anywhere/anytime!

Flat water sailing – yippee!

I’m a travel writer – literally. If you want to travel and work you can – you just have to make it happen.

Where’s your favourite office? Where’s the most exotic, fun, extreme place you’ve worked?



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4 thoughts on “Where Is The Best Office In The World?

  1. Ha, Jackie. These photos are amazing. I love them! Which one was the most exotic though? And was that one the best? I love the first and last photos. Brilliant. You really are a travelling writer, my dear. And you write about your travels so well! Looking forward to the next book!!

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    • Thank you! My favourite is the sailing one. There was no thought of where we were or to take a picture. This was me doing my thing and Noel caught the moment. I love the fact I am at home, sailing, travelling, and writing all at the same time – and in my slippers! It doesn’t get much better than that!

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  2. We are looking forward to your next book, having read all the rest!! Very interesting and we love the photos. We think the best office is on a boat anywhere!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed! Such fine 360 degree views when swinging on anchor! Thanks for your kind words on my books – next one (sailing from American to Australia, via Easter Island, Pitcairn etc) will be out in January!


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