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Thanks For the Memoir-ees!

We Love Memoirs!

As an author, currently writing my third memoir, I’ve become a fan of all memoirs.

What’s better than delving into another person’s life? At the very least we learn that our fears, hopes, dreams, worries, and lack of sanity are sentiments that are not exclusive – (maybe that last one is exclusive to me!)

Let’s Celebrate
Monday 31st August is We Love Memoirs Day and will be celebrated worldwide.

11891021_10153150315214065_5836732040202273879_n (1)

We Love Memoirs (WLM) Facebook group was set up on 31st August 2013 by two memoir authors, Victoria Twead and Alan Parks, who wanted to create a place where memoir readers and authors could come together and chat.

Who Are They?
Victoria Twead is a New York Times bestselling author of “Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools” and the “Old Fools” series, while Alan Parks is the author of “Seriously Mum, What’s an Alpaca?” and the “Seriously Mum” series.

The Ethos
Victoria and Alan were determined to foster a warm community and have always discouraged authors from pushing their own books at readers.

Overwhelming Success!
The results have been astounding, and WLM has grown quickly. New friendships are formed every day, and WLM meet-ups across the globe have become common. Small wonder that We Love Members is often described as “the friendliest group on Facebook”.

Image courtesy of africa at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of africa at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Whether you love writing or reading memoirs (or both), you’ll love this group. Join WLM today and start chatting with memoir authors and readers.

See you there!



Top Book Marketing Sites

… And, what really goes on…..

I’ve had a lot of writing/publishing help and advice over the years (thanks Rachel Amphlett). Recently I’ve been asked to provide a copy of some notes that I scribbled. They are a brief detail of my process, as an Indie Author.

Coupled with reading a disheartening quote this week, ‘The book market is awash now anyone can publish, and most of those are misses…’ (Well, it went something like that). I am compelled to write this blog about what I love doing.

It maybe so, that many books are misses, and some authors may not put the time, effort, money, love and soul into their book – but I can’t imagine why you’d write something and not give it your all. Many authors lose a little of themselves in each book. Writing and publishing a book is not for wimps!

I am often up at all hours, thinking, writing, marketing...

I am often up at all hours, thinking, writing, marketing…

I also read another quote, which went along the lines of, ‘When you view an artist’s work, you are not just viewing a picture you are viewing their life, their dreams, their soul.’ It is the same for author’s, in fact, anyone creative.

I have so many ideas, voices, characters, and stories in my head, it is a relief to get them out! So, for me, the ‘writing’ part is relatively easy… compared with what follows.

  • Months and months of editing
  • Months and months of reading
  • Months and months of researching
  • Asking friends to be my Beta readers to help with the next level
  • Re-writing their comments where necessary
  • Employing a good editor and taking their comments on board
  • Re-writing where necessary
  • Reading again
  • Checking again
  • Reading again
  • Checking again

Don’t let any of these short bullet points fool you – it is hard work, it is a slog, it’s a marathon.

Add to this:

  • Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Marketing
  • And then some more

And then:

Working with a printing & distributing company to reach that marvellous, unbelievable day when you hold your very own book. (Then, you read it, check it, make amendments and ensure it is perfect!)

Then, the real marketing starts!….

I make time to write anywhere/anytime!

I make time to write anywhere/anytime!


At last, you are ready to launch and my goodness you’d better be brave; the time has come to put YOU on show. While terrifically exciting, it is extremely terrifying too.

But to get back to my point; Authors work hard, they help each other, they support, they learn they share. What you pay for a book is significantly minuscule compared to the blood, sweat, tears and time that has been poured into those pages (literally!).

Your choice as a reader is incredible. But if a book doesn’t ‘fit’ you, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t loved by someone else – even if it is ‘just’ the author…


That great day! Take care – it becomes addictive!

More information:

Editing Process: Beta Readers

Distribution (paperback): Lightning Source

Professional editing: Narrative Ink Editing

My books: Look up the top and click on ‘our books

Marketing opportunities (I have used some of these);

Ebooks Soda

Books Go Social

Author Page – Amazon

Cover Wars – this is driving traffic to my website – you can vote for Of Foreign Build until 16th Nov!

Author Shout

Authors Den

Book Goodies

Book Buzz

Choosy Book Worm

Ebook corner

Good Kindle


Indie Author

The Kindle Book Review

As well as relevant FB groups that you intend to take part in!

Profiles wherever possible

Helping other authors, commenting, sharing what works/does not work


International (Personal) Aid! – Positive Thoughts

It’s hard to have positive thoughts when you’re painting the hull of an 18.5 metre boat; time is running out to complete your tax return and the internet connection is as useful as a chocolate anchor.

However, while painting Rouge Corsair, it gave me time to reflect. Just lately I’ve been thinking about friends. You know, those really close friends that you can ‘be yourself’ with. These particular friends (below) are being an incredible support to me right now, as I take the plunge with publishing my next book.

So for my positive, I wanted to give a shout out for my small, close, group of mates who support me in my many, and varied escapades.

Rachel Amphlett – best-selling author. I met Rachel while travelling, we gelled slowly, but deeply. My questions and pleas for help, on writing (and some technical) questions are always answered with great detail, grace, and patience! She has a full-time job and continually publishes excellent books too. If you like fast-paced thrillers, she’s your gal!



Carole Eardman Grant – I got to know Carole through a sailing Facebook Group and we’ve actually met. We ‘clicked’ and now we administer a group on FB together – so we chat regularly. Carole has a great sense of humour and like my other friends, she keeps my feet firmly on the ground. She helps straighten me out if I go on a whinge-binge!



Anne Norris – retired traveller and woman extraordinaire. Anne came to our rescue when we did our horse-trekking, and so very quickly (and wonderfully) became part of our lives. Anne has had an incredible life travelling and surviving, she should write a book. She keeps me grounded, she doesn’t suffer fools and just knows where I am coming from. She always knows the right thing to say to me.

Anne ('I look demented in this pic - but what the heck!')

Anne (‘I look demented in this pic – but what the heck!’)

Julia Smallbone – spends her time helping people to create home-based businesses for themselves in the health and wellbeing marketplace. I met Julia through work – a long time ago. She always intrigues and surprises me when she reveals more of herself and how smart she is. Julia is always ready to read my emails and laugh at me when I vent, bringing me back down to earth. She’s just there for me. She makes me laugh and seeing an email from Julia in my in-box always induces a smile.



These woman are incredibly smart (and often make me wonder why they like me), and strong. They are successful, funny and self-deprecating, but most importantly (for me) not one of these woman JUDGE ME. It doesn’t matter what I’ve done with my life, what I am doing now and what I may do in the future – they’ll smile, support, laugh, cry and pick me up when necessary – and just be there.

I just wanted to say ‘thanks’.

Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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The End of the Beginning – Positives 5 of 5

It’s the end of my 5 day nomination for 3 positive comments a day. However, because of the amazing remarks and affect on my day to day happiness, I am going to continue posting positive comments on a weekly basis.

I am sure I will fail at some point, that’ll be part of the journey. I hope some of you will be along for the ride and help pick me back up.

Appreciate the evening colours

Appreciate the evening colours

Today, I just wanted to sum up some of the observations I’ve received and some positive comments from others, all of which have made me smile.

‘Bloody brilliant idea, I’m going to work harder at it – we should be living with grace.’ Noel Parry.

After reading my blog: ‘My daughter and I are now saying 3 things we are grateful for each night to each other.’ A lovely lady.

Sat in the sun and enjoyed watching the honeyeaters and wrens darting about.’ Fellow sailor and friend.

I feel blessed that my husband buys a fresh baguette every morning so I don’t have to get dressed.’ Fellow sailor and friend.

After reading my blog: ‘That’s the key to a successful life, not money, travel & expectations.’ Noel Parry again (‘cause he’s pretty special!)

In summary:

  • Turn each event/day/moment into a positive
  • Be grateful
  • Live with grace
  • Try not complaining for twenty-four hours (it’s tougher than you think!)
Enjoy the simple things in life - a sun-downer with my nephew, Kieran

Enjoy the simple things in life – a sun-downer with my nephew, Kieran

Here’s my last three (and a bonus one) – for now:

  1. Noel, my husband, is completely supportive and ‘in it’ with me on the positive attitude aim and living with grace. It’ll be easier working at it together.

  2. I am grateful for meeting many new people on barges who have helped us work out where to winter (well, we’ve almost decided) – the support, reminders, hints, advice, tips and welcoming smiles are fabulous.

A lovely gift from a lovely friend. (Linda).

A lovely gift from a lovely friend. (Linda).

  1. It hasn’t rained for 3 days. My family are safe on board, the boat is safe, the water level is dropping, the washing is dry and we are planning a lovely farewell meal tomorrow night at a local restaurant (MacDonna’s! – yes, really – clever marketing huh?) . I’ve been so lucky to spend this special time with them . . .  my family that is, not MacDonna’s! 😉
An amazing and generous gift from my lovely friend Carole (for our boat).

An amazing and generous gift from my lovely friend Carole (for our boat).

  1. And a bonus for the last-ish day – What a great bunch of friends, contacts and kindred spirits I have on FB – thanks for sharing with me. I’ve been blown away by the comments. Stay in touch!