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I’ve had a lot of writing/publishing help and advice over the years (thanks Rachel Amphlett). Recently I’ve been asked to provide a copy of some notes that I scribbled. They are a brief detail of my process, as an Indie Author.

Coupled with reading a disheartening quote this week, ‘The book market is awash now anyone can publish, and most of those are misses…’ (Well, it went something like that). I am compelled to write this blog about what I love doing.

It maybe so, that many books are misses, and some authors may not put the time, effort, money, love and soul into their book – but I can’t imagine why you’d write something and not give it your all. Many authors lose a little of themselves in each book. Writing and publishing a book is not for wimps!

I am often up at all hours, thinking, writing, marketing...

I am often up at all hours, thinking, writing, marketing…

I also read another quote, which went along the lines of, ‘When you view an artist’s work, you are not just viewing a picture you are viewing their life, their dreams, their soul.’ It is the same for author’s, in fact, anyone creative.

I have so many ideas, voices, characters, and stories in my head, it is a relief to get them out! So, for me, the ‘writing’ part is relatively easy… compared with what follows.

  • Months and months of editing
  • Months and months of reading
  • Months and months of researching
  • Asking friends to be my Beta readers to help with the next level
  • Re-writing their comments where necessary
  • Employing a good editor and taking their comments on board
  • Re-writing where necessary
  • Reading again
  • Checking again
  • Reading again
  • Checking again

Don’t let any of these short bullet points fool you – it is hard work, it is a slog, it’s a marathon.

Add to this:

  • Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Marketing
  • And then some more

And then:

Working with a printing & distributing company to reach that marvellous, unbelievable day when you hold your very own book. (Then, you read it, check it, make amendments and ensure it is perfect!)

Then, the real marketing starts!….

I make time to write anywhere/anytime!

I make time to write anywhere/anytime!


At last, you are ready to launch and my goodness you’d better be brave; the time has come to put YOU on show. While terrifically exciting, it is extremely terrifying too.

But to get back to my point; Authors work hard, they help each other, they support, they learn they share. What you pay for a book is significantly minuscule compared to the blood, sweat, tears and time that has been poured into those pages (literally!).

Your choice as a reader is incredible. But if a book doesn’t ‘fit’ you, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t loved by someone else – even if it is ‘just’ the author…


That great day! Take care – it becomes addictive!

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Writer’s Blog Tour – July 2014

Thanks to fellow author and blogging buddy Rachel Amphlett who invited me to join this blog tour. I have to answer four questions posed by her, and tag three more writers to answer the same questions on their blog or FB page.

What are you working on?

Of Foreign Build which is about sailing around the world on a 33 foot boat for nine years. It is not just about the journey on a boat. It is also about the journey of life and how I changed from a corporate girl into a sea gypsy woman, and how I did battle with the testosterone fuelled nautical world to become both a professional captain and a qualified maritime teacher. Of Foreign Build is a deeply personal account. Currently I am at the editing stage, while working on designs for the front cover.

How does your work feel different to others in its genre?

I write about stuff I am passionate about. It flows that way, it is completely honest and, I think, more natural. Of Foreign Build peels back layers of a women’s character that you rarely see. I had to think carefully about whether I wanted to publish this manuscript which contains so many raw emotions.

Why do you write what you do?

I enjoy writing about life transformations. It is as simple as that. When I am asked to write articles about subjects I am less zealous about, I have to work harder. The subjects that I know about and love just flow out through my fingertips. I have no control, I just HAVE to write.

How does your writing process work?

I’m afraid it’s just as and when. My life has no order in it at all. Currently I am travelling on a boat – that’s the way I like it. However, as far as writing goes I would love to be more organised and have a plan. I plan to have a plan – one day!

When I am at the editing stage, I do become a lot more organised. I have to. My manuscripts go through several editing stages, husband, beta readers and then a professional editor.

Thanks for visiting, now the baton goes to . . . .

Captain Larry

Author of The Frugal Marina & Creaky Dock Lines – a book of funny nautical poems.

If you are interested in boating, The Frugal Mariner has something for you. Whether you are a new boater, an experienced boater, a weekend boater or a full-time cruiser, there is information here you can use. Saltwater Suzi and Captain Larry, the authors of the Frugal Mariner, have lived aboard for 15 years and cruised many thousands of miles.

Linda Frylink Anderson

Sailing around the world was a dream Linda and Bill had for 30 years. They achieved their dream. Sailing in my Sarong written by Linda describes building their yacht Valiam and their epic voyage, with 400 images. $39.95

Hetti Ashwin

‘As a writer I do my best. I write for magazines, radio and fun. I have a healthy ego, and a fertile imagination which combines with a robust work ethic to make me a well rounded individual. As the proud possessor of an enlarged funny bone I’m bound to say it has a marked influence on my writing style and my life in general.’ Purchase Hetti’s books here.

Please stop by at their Facebook/blog/website, they’re worth a look . . . and don’t forget to write!