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The End of the Beginning – Positives 5 of 5

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It’s the end of my 5 day nomination for 3 positive comments a day. However, because of the amazing remarks and affect on my day to day happiness, I am going to continue posting positive comments on a weekly basis.

I am sure I will fail at some point, that’ll be part of the journey. I hope some of you will be along for the ride and help pick me back up.

Appreciate the evening colours

Appreciate the evening colours

Today, I just wanted to sum up some of the observations I’ve received and some positive comments from others, all of which have made me smile.

‘Bloody brilliant idea, I’m going to work harder at it – we should be living with grace.’ Noel Parry.

After reading my blog: ‘My daughter and I are now saying 3 things we are grateful for each night to each other.’ A lovely lady.

Sat in the sun and enjoyed watching the honeyeaters and wrens darting about.’ Fellow sailor and friend.

I feel blessed that my husband buys a fresh baguette every morning so I don’t have to get dressed.’ Fellow sailor and friend.

After reading my blog: ‘That’s the key to a successful life, not money, travel & expectations.’ Noel Parry again (‘cause he’s pretty special!)

In summary:

  • Turn each event/day/moment into a positive
  • Be grateful
  • Live with grace
  • Try not complaining for twenty-four hours (it’s tougher than you think!)
Enjoy the simple things in life - a sun-downer with my nephew, Kieran

Enjoy the simple things in life – a sun-downer with my nephew, Kieran

Here’s my last three (and a bonus one) – for now:

  1. Noel, my husband, is completely supportive and ‘in it’ with me on the positive attitude aim and living with grace. It’ll be easier working at it together.

  2. I am grateful for meeting many new people on barges who have helped us work out where to winter (well, we’ve almost decided) – the support, reminders, hints, advice, tips and welcoming smiles are fabulous.

A lovely gift from a lovely friend. (Linda).

A lovely gift from a lovely friend. (Linda).

  1. It hasn’t rained for 3 days. My family are safe on board, the boat is safe, the water level is dropping, the washing is dry and we are planning a lovely farewell meal tomorrow night at a local restaurant (MacDonna’s! – yes, really – clever marketing huh?) . I’ve been so lucky to spend this special time with them . . .  my family that is, not MacDonna’s! 😉
An amazing and generous gift from my lovely friend Carole (for our boat).

An amazing and generous gift from my lovely friend Carole (for our boat).

  1. And a bonus for the last-ish day – What a great bunch of friends, contacts and kindred spirits I have on FB – thanks for sharing with me. I’ve been blown away by the comments. Stay in touch!

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