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Facebook Groups – What do you think?

WOB is a new FB group, which could have been called BOOBS! . . . but we’ll get to that.

I use Facebook for marketing my books Cruisers’ AA and Of Foreign Build, and keeping in touch with friends and family. It is only recently that I’ve been joining groups AND I have become an administrator of one such group. (I use the word administrator lightly as my fellow administrator is being far more, uhm, administrative than I am!)

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Noel and Jackie's Journeys

Noel and Jackie’s Journeys

I do not join groups lightly. I want to be a member of groups that are friendly, contain quality information, are fun and, very importantly, are safe.

One of my favourite groups is WWSA (Women Who Sail Australia), an off-shoot of WWS (Women Who Sail). These are closed groups. In both I find love, respect, friendship, help and a safe haven for any help and support that I may need. These groups also contain a wealth of incredible experience and advice.

Women who sail - that's me!

Women who sail – that’s me!

I got to know Carole Eardman Grant via WWS a few months ago and we met when we were in the same town. It really is remarkable how these groups (and FB) bring people together. Carole is Canadian and is currently renovating a barge in Kent, (UK), with her husband Barrie. I am from the UK, but live in Australia and was in the UK when we met.

Boats, canals & all that goes with it!

Carole helped me with lots of information while Noel and I were looking for our barge. Our relationship has grown quickly into a marvellous friendship. We chat a lot on FB, mostly about boats! We support each other and we are very open and honest. Carole always has a positive word when I slip into negativity.

Together we have set up Women On Barges (WOB). Our group has, very quickly, become a place of friendship, respect, support and again, a safe place for women to share doubts, fears, accomplishments, hopes and dreams. It’s a marvellous resource of information as well.

If you like boats, live on one or just dream about doing so, WOB is for you (oh yes, you must be a woman too!)

These are my experiences of Facebook and groups. So far I have had not had a negative occurrence. But I’d love to hear how it’s changed your life. With a bit of time management on Facebook, it is always a positive event for me.

And just where does BOOBS fit into all this? Well of course, the group is for women . . . . but a name that has been whispered around decks and between friends (and I’ve stolen this from my mate Carole 🙂 ) is Babes On Old Barges = BOOBS! I, for one, think that is pretty neat! For now we’ll stick with Women On Barges (WOB) – come take a look, you’ll be made very welcome.

WOB info

Women on Barges! This group is a place for women on every shape and size of barge — or any other type of boat — to come together and connect. Some of us live on barges, some only holiday on barges and some of us want to. Some of us know a LOT about boats in general, some know not much at all. We are single; we are married; we have kids, grandkids, we are working or retired. Some of our barges are in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland or the UK or other countries. We are from a variety of countries which are as diverse as we are. No matter who we are, this is a place for women to share respectful, supportive discourse.

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Retrain your brain – Positive thoughts (day 3 of 5).

I am rewiring my brain. No, I haven’t decided to start with a clean slate and induce a frontal lobotomy, (although I think my husband would be keen on this idea!)

Half way through the simple exercise of thinking and writing 3 positive thoughts each day for 5 days, it feels as though I am training my brain in a new way to think.


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I’m enjoying the process so much that I am doing more research. I have no time for additional projects, my schedule is already bursting at the seams. However, I think it is worth the effort and investing time now may save me time (and stress) down the line. AND make me happier!

During my research I found this article on How Positive Thinking Re-Wires Your Brain. It’s by Barrie Davenport who is a life passion coach and founder of BarrieDavenport.com, a site devoted to helping people uncover and live their life passions. She is also the author of The 52-Week Life Passion Project.

In the article she talks about:

  • ‘How positive thinking really does change your brain. Not in some magical, woo woo kind of way, but in a real physical way.’
  • ‘It means that repetitive positive thought and positive activity can rewire your brain and strengthen brain areas that stimulate positive feelings.’

This article is part of Steven Aitchison’s web site and personal development personal development blog.

So, I plan to continue my personal development with actively finding the positives in everything I do. I think I have quite a bit of work in front of me, but for now, here are my 3 positives:

  1. The next editing stage of my manuscript Of Foreign Build will be a fair bit of work, but it is going to improve the story out of sight – thanks to my editor Danielle Rose.
Of Foreign Build

Of Foreign Build

  1. As well as positive thinking leading to a positive attitude – this nomination has given me so much more. Many people are making contact, saying ‘hi’ and revealing lovely stories about positive thinking. I’m making new friends.

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  1. Cooking for five people each day with vastly different tastes has re-awoken my passion for cooking. I am enjoying the creativity (and the compliments!)

Image courtesy of Apolonia / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’d love to hear your positive comments and as requested, I nominate Jill Budd and Patrishde. I can’t wait to read what you have to say.


My Facebook Rules

‘How can someone have 200 friends?’

‘FB is a terrible idea, it makes it easy for people to abuse others.’

These are some of the comments I hear from Facebook haters when I mention I use it. Yes, FB can be used to abuse people, but so can a telephone, texting and pen and paper. As for friends, why can’t you have lots of friends?

I think FB is wonderful. Not only have I re-kindled fantastic friendships but I’ve made new friends.

Just recently I met up with Linda Frylink Anderson and her lovely husband Bill. Linda and I connected on a closed sailing group for women. She’s an author and sailor too.

This month we were both in Europe and got together. We knew each other already as we chat often, offering each other support and friendship in our writing and travelling endeavours. She’s helped me relax a bit more with my writing by not over-editing and I hope I’ve motivated Linda on her next book, (well, I keep asking her where she is up to!)

I’ve made another rich, deep and rewarding friendship, so yes, I like Facebook!

If used correctly Facebook is a wonderful tool for marketing too, which is a busy occupation for me.

Here are my rules for Facebook:

  • Limit your use and stick to it! (Set a timer).
  • Use FB as a distraction from time to time. (Set a timer).
  • Don’t start a fight or criticise. Your settings maybe private but they are indelibly written forever, who knows where they may pop up someday.
  • Don’t write on Facebook while drunk
  • If you wouldn’t announce your posts face to face, don’t write them down
  • Be courteous
  • Read through your comments and ensure they make sense and cannot be misconstrued
  • Don’t rant
  • Support other people in your business/profession/personal interests – LIKES are supportive
  • Post pictures
  • Keep it short

Do you have self-imposed rules?