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My Facebook Rules


‘How can someone have 200 friends?’

‘FB is a terrible idea, it makes it easy for people to abuse others.’

These are some of the comments I hear from Facebook haters when I mention I use it. Yes, FB can be used to abuse people, but so can a telephone, texting and pen and paper. As for friends, why can’t you have lots of friends?

I think FB is wonderful. Not only have I re-kindled fantastic friendships but I’ve made new friends.

Just recently I met up with Linda Frylink Anderson and her lovely husband Bill. Linda and I connected on a closed sailing group for women. She’s an author and sailor too.

This month we were both in Europe and got together. We knew each other already as we chat often, offering each other support and friendship in our writing and travelling endeavours. She’s helped me relax a bit more with my writing by not over-editing and I hope I’ve motivated Linda on her next book, (well, I keep asking her where she is up to!)

I’ve made another rich, deep and rewarding friendship, so yes, I like Facebook!

If used correctly Facebook is a wonderful tool for marketing too, which is a busy occupation for me.

Here are my rules for Facebook:

  • Limit your use and stick to it! (Set a timer).
  • Use FB as a distraction from time to time. (Set a timer).
  • Don’t start a fight or criticise. Your settings maybe private but they are indelibly written forever, who knows where they may pop up someday.
  • Don’t write on Facebook while drunk
  • If you wouldn’t announce your posts face to face, don’t write them down
  • Be courteous
  • Read through your comments and ensure they make sense and cannot be misconstrued
  • Don’t rant
  • Support other people in your business/profession/personal interests – LIKES are supportive
  • Post pictures
  • Keep it short

Do you have self-imposed rules?


Author: jackieandnoel

Author and Traveller

9 thoughts on “My Facebook Rules

  1. Jackie, I agree entirely that Facebook is a fantastic way to keep up with people. And yes, I think you have to have rules for Facebook and I think the rules you have suggested are very apt. There are a lot of people on Facebook that seemed to have turned rudeness and slander into some sort of sick artform.

    In terms of rules, I could possibly add one more. If I find that everything a particular “friend” writes on Facebook is annoying, confronting, or boring (or otherwise brings regular displeasure) I have no trouble “unfriending” them. After all, you can still be friends in the real world, but maybe just not on Facebook.

    None of us can be friends with everyone, so why not choose the people around us who support us to be who we are, and yet challenge us to do even more with our lives.

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    • Hi Mike, that’s a good point. If someone ‘slips/makes an error’ I like to get them a fair go. I’ve been known to say something I regret (not on FB though!) – if I do find something offensive I would do the same – luckily I seem to have a great bunch of friends – so far! 🙂


  2. I agree Facebook is excellent and is a really useful tool for keeping up with friends who are far away. Good, simple rules for life and for FB. 🙂

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  3. I agree with Jackie and love her for the way she reminds us of our strengths and her honesty about how none of us are perfect. One thing I do find difficult with Facebook friends is if they have extreme political or religious views I do not agree with or just post nasty stuff. As Mike says we can be real face to face friends but we don’t have to read these rants when we open Facebook. I LOVE great photos. And I do believe a picture says a thousand words. Maybe my next book should have even more pictures and less words?! I’d get it published quicker then!

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  4. Of course, it’s easy to change settings for friends on FB… if you really want to stay friends but can’t stand the rants etc, then just make them either ‘Acquaintances’ or even ‘Restricted’. They don’t know you’ve done it and it’s maybe a nice, diplomatic way of not being exposed to the unpleasantness. 😉

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  5. Great advice Veronica, very diplomatic.


  6. Facebook is a wonderful way of connecting and keeping in touch with people. Last year I was in Thailand and posted a photo. My friend from Japan saw that I was there and it turned out she was flying in that day! Had it not been for the power of FB we wouldn’t have caught up!
    I get frustrated when people aren’t on Facebook as it makes it so much more complicated to keep in touch with them!


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