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Positive thoughts – would you like to be nominated?


I’ve been nominated by my lovely friend, co-writer and co-adventurer Linda Frylink Anderson to post 3 positives each day for 5 days and nominate 2 friends to do the same (each day).

I recently posted a blog about my rules on using Facebook and I notice that 99% of people use this medium for positive news and information.

Positivity is the key. I have a friend who lives in Australia who doesn’t like making New Year Resolution lists. ‘Why set your-self up for a fall,’ she says. ‘I like to make a list of all my achievements that I’ve accomplished during the last year.’

I think this is a great idea. Thinking, focusing and remembering the positives in our day to day lives has other healthy consequences too.


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Julie A Gorges, fellow blogger, author and freelance writer has just written a post on The Connection Between Health and Happiness, she says, ‘ . . . . and you’re probably aware that since negative emotions harm the body, a positive, optimistic, and happy outlook on life will help your physical health.’

That’s exactly why I like this kind of nomination. I am guilty of having a good pointless whinge. I can let negativity pick me up and carry me away. So, to have to sit and write positive comments for 5 days will do me the world of good.

Let me know if you’d like to be nominated. And, in the meantime, here are my three positives for today:-

1. The pouring rain is giving me an opportunity to sit with my visiting family (mum, dad & nephew) and just talk, and have many giggles playing cards.
2. The small leak in the wheelhouse window makes me appreciated that the rest of the boat is dry and warm. How lucky am I to have a great boat and home.
3. My mum thoughtfully helps with the washing up at every meal. Catering for five everyday (when I am used to just two), is a fair bit of work in the small galley. Mum is Chief Washer-Up, which is so very much appreciated.


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4 thoughts on “Positive thoughts – would you like to be nominated?

  1. What a lovely idea to find the bright side of life! Something I try to do is find the humorous side of negative situations. I wonder if that counts too?


    • That’s great Val. I need some humour this morning as we have a huge tree stuck under the boat in the flood water – it is raining still 😦 . . . can I nominate you and hear some of this humour . . . I love the idea!


  2. Yes for more humour and positive thinking! For a few years now I’ve made a practice of noting the ‘feel good’ achievements for the closing year … instead of making resolutions. Apart from being a positive retrospective – it has the effect of motivating for next year’s list.
    Thanks for reminding me of this! I would like to be nominated 🙂


  3. Well done patrishde! I think it is a great idea to note achievements. When we got our second boat ready to cross an ocean we listed all the work we did and it was incredible! Thanks for putting your had up for a nomination, it will mentioned on the next blog post – I am still trying to find yourwebsite . . .


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