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An inspirational woman & positive thoughts day 2


Writing 3 positive comments each day for 5 days has created a lot of interesting remarks. One of my favourites is from a fellow barge owner and friend Carole Eardman Grant. ‘I read a book by a lady who made it her project to keep a journal of daily positive thoughts and gratitude for a whole year. It changed her life!’

I had to find out who this was. The lady’s name is Elizabeth (I’ve yet to find her surname), but you can find her blog here.

She says that the experiment was only supposed to last for six weeks. ‘At the end of that time period, my readers voted for me to continue the blog for one year.’

Click here to read an inspiring interview with Elizabeth.

I was amazed to read some of the outcomes of Elizabeth’s experiment:

  • Mindset felt lighter and my actions more positive
  • Thinking positively was now a way of life for me
  • Discovering that the creation of negative thoughts are not meant to hurt us but to protect us
  • I have found that I am less weighed down by things that used to plague me: responsibilities, stressful situations, trying to please others
  • I find I laugh easier and have a much stronger sense of myself and my wants

It is pretty powerful stuff! Here are my 3 positives for today:

1. I’m receiving lots of lovely, positive support (via the internet) while dealing with flood waters and a rather large (and worrisome) tree caught under our boat.

2. The tree that has attached itself to our boat is causing passer-bys to stop and say ‘hi’. I’m enjoying talking to many people from different walks of life – the tree is an ice-breaker.

3. I am part of a fantastic new group on Facebook called Women on Barges (WOB). I am having a lot of fun ‘meeting’ new people with a kindred spirit from all over the world and sharing advice, stories and offering support.


On day 1 I nominated some friends to take part in writing positive thoughts, but I think I’ll just leave it open. Please contribute if you wish, I’d love to know your positive thoughts (here and on your timeline!)


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2 thoughts on “An inspirational woman & positive thoughts day 2

  1. I have always wondered what the world would be like if we didn’t have bad news on the TV and in newspapers. If they only produced positive stories. I personally avoid watching anything scary, particularly the crime shows, CSI etc. I think it de-sensitises people to the horror of these things! You can feel how negative people sap the energy out of you. I love being a glass half full person! Every cloud has a silver lining in my world!
    PS hope you sort the tree!


  2. We are the same Viki, we avoid anything negative. When we were sailing we didn’t have TV and is most places we didn’t have radio (although we listened to the BBC (worldnews) some times, but they were mainly interviews. We felt we didn’t miss anything but not hearing the news. It really hit us hard though, when we returned to land. We found the news devastating, it made us cry. I totally agree, it does de-sensitise people. I try to be a glass half full person! Thanks for your comments. And yes, the tree is gone, but the canal is raging past us here! We are safe for now.


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