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Family trip to Besancon to meet friends


The flood rain meant we had to stop and enjoy Ranchot for a few days, which wasn’t very tough. Dad particularly loved the little village, ‘it was very pretty.’

Pretty scenery

Pretty scenery

Kieran (my nephew) stirred up his creative juices and turned a Lipton’s Yellow Label Tea bag into fishing equipment. Utilising the staple and string Kieran made a hook and line and attempted to capture a whale.


Kieran having a quick snooze

Kieran having a quick snooze

With rested crew we were all ready to tackle the swirling water and we pointed the bows towards Besancon. Gentle locks, eerie tunnels, cups of tea and a pleasantly cool day accompanied the intrepid crew who were ready for anything.

Into the black hole

Noel on the stern line

Mum became navigator and loved the team work of the crew while traversing the canals.


Our navigator

Our navigator

Dad working hard on the bow

Dad working hard on the bow

In Besancon our lovely friends Linda and Bill met us with healthy grins and a fabulous few days have been spent talking boats, books, writing and wine.

Arriving into Besancon


Love lockets

The grey clouds are now starting their march across the sky. A serious card game is developing, and many satisfied yawns can be heard beneath the pitter-patter of rain.

I want one


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6 thoughts on “Family trip to Besancon to meet friends

  1. Such inviting pics!!!! Well done


  2. So wonderful to catch up x x x


  3. Your ‘stowaways’ look as if they are having fun – although Kieran doesn’t look too energetic………. or is he just playing it cool? Do you want me to send the runner beans by post? Marcia & John


    • Hi!! All is good, please send runners 😉
      We’ve all just spent several hours hauling a huge tree away from the boat – will post some pictures soon. Hired a car so we are off to play . . . did you get anything in the mail?


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