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WIP Reveal


I’ve been tagged by writing buddy Rachel Amphlett to reveal the first lines of the first 3 chapters of my WIP (Of Foreign Build), and then tag 3 more writers to do the same.

Here goes:-

Chapter 1
The grey, cool room held so much sadness that the old mismatched furniture had absorbed the heavy look of grief.

Chapter 2
The first major decision Noel and I made as a couple was, how were we going to live?

Chapter 3
Losing control and almost smashing up a fifty-five thousand dollar, ten tonne boat is quite exhausting.

Batons go to my boating buddies and writers/authors Sandra Crook, Alison Alderton & Julie Gorges.

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6 thoughts on “WIP Reveal

  1. Good lines! Makes me want to read it.


  2. I don’t know if this is open to other writers or not but delete me if I’m not welcome. I used to be a boat builder and lived on my 37′ double ender in the Gulf Islands of B.C. Canada. Now, I’m land locked but I wouldn’t have met my wife if I was still living on the boat. So, it is better this way. A bonus is that I write now. I am close to getting my latest novel “A River of Pain, An Ocean of Joy” up on Amazon. A bit more editing left to do. Here’s my first three chapter sentences…
    Chapter One: It would be nice if the human brain were like a computer hard drive.

    Chapter Two: The things you don’t know about some people.

    Chapter Three: I have always thought that it would be nice to have a fireplace in my little trailer.

    I’ve followed your story for a while. Love all your adventures. Thanks and all the best.
    Michael Matthews


    • That’s great Michael. I just love your first sentences and I am delighted that you have made contact. Writers, sailors, travellers, dreamers . . . anyone can make contact – I’d love to chat to more people.
      I am invited to do lots of writing blog tours and similar, I will be sure to invite/include you next time. I like your website – nauticaldecorandmore.com and I will be checking out your books. Please stay in touch.


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