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Where we were robbed!

Thirteen years ago we were robbed here. Here’s where we tied up, near the town of Roquemaure.

New buildings just over the bank.

New buildings just over the bank.

We were on our ocean going sailboat, all 10 metres of her and having a grand old time taking time away from rolling oceans to carve a path through the middle of France.

With our mast prone.

With our mast prone.

With our mast lying prone, our make-shift tarpaulin and determination, we made our way up to the UK, where Noel fulfilled a dream he’d been harbouring for many years.

With our mast where it should be!

With our mast where it should be!

To find out what happened when we were robbed and what Noel’s achievement was, it’ll cost you the price of a cup of coffee.*

Of Foreign Build, my book detailing these and nine years of sailing escapades, will be out this coming November, details here. (Follow my blog to be the first to learn about up-and-coming freebies!)

Here’s some pictures to whet your appetite….

The Big Chute in Canada (yes, that's our boat up there - and us!)

The Big Chute in Canada (yes, that’s our boat up there – and us!)


More canals – this time Chicago


We were thrilled to sail into New York


On ‘reef’ watch


More canals – where? you’ll have to buy the book – note how we are dwarfed by four enormous barges – 2 tied up on each side and two coming down the middle together… we just slipped into this space in time!

9780987551542-Rev7_FrontCover for Danielle and marketing REDUCED*ebook version.



WIP Reveal

I’ve been tagged by writing buddy Rachel Amphlett to reveal the first lines of the first 3 chapters of my WIP (Of Foreign Build), and then tag 3 more writers to do the same.

Here goes:-

Chapter 1
The grey, cool room held so much sadness that the old mismatched furniture had absorbed the heavy look of grief.

Chapter 2
The first major decision Noel and I made as a couple was, how were we going to live?

Chapter 3
Losing control and almost smashing up a fifty-five thousand dollar, ten tonne boat is quite exhausting.

Batons go to my boating buddies and writers/authors Sandra Crook, Alison Alderton & Julie Gorges.

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