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International Experience


We’ve ordered a marine toilet from Italy and solar panels from Germany. We’ve got a Dutch bank account and a Dutch built boat. All instructions, on the boat, are in French.

We’re ordering fuses from Holland, ‘they don’t exist anymore,’ insists the French chandlery.

My Dutch phone keeps texting me in Dutch. I can’t get my French phone to work – I have to back up the Sim first, in order to back up the Sim I have to activate the Sim, in order to activate the Sim I have to back up the Sim.

The French dongle (sounds like a poodle) is working just fine – phew!

Thank goodness for lovely places like Ranchot to calm my befuddled brain. And my lovely family from the UK (mum, dad & Kieran (my nephew)) – to help keep me sane!

Noel, mum, dad & Kieran



Author: jackieandnoel

Author and Traveller

2 thoughts on “International Experience

  1. HaHa. A United Nations of parts!!! Is it any wonder they do not work together. Given enough time and meetings I am sure a consensus will be achieved.
    In the mean time enjoy le difference!


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