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Great Gift Idea and Free Sample!


It’s hard to buy the right gift – I know, I am hopeless at it. Unlike my husband who is superb with neat, original ideas. He ID-100145046always gifts me something I love (lucky me!).

In the spirit of giving gifts and trying to find the ‘right’ present…. for those who want to buy:

  • hope
  • inspiration
  • adventure…
  • …all wrapped up in one gift… here’s an idea.

Take a look at the link at the end of this short post and see if it will help… There’s a sample of Of Foreign Build to read – don’t let the genre ‘Memoir’ fool you – as my reviews are stating…. it is so much more…

Moving         Rousing        Uplifting      Stimulating      Adventure          Love story

Hope          Inspiration     Personal Growth   Odyssey       Powerful         Gripping

Click here to travel into a new adventure (sample chapter)

View the Photo Album Here

Read more Here

“Happy Christmas and may all your Hopes and Dreams come true for 2015”



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2 thoughts on “Great Gift Idea and Free Sample!

  1. Thank you for the idea, I was already stressing a bit about Christmas and this seems nice!


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