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99 cents today!


Of Foreign Build is for sale for just 99 cents for 24 hours!

Just think about how many Christmas presents you can buy with $10!

Click HERE to read the 5 star reviews

Click HERE to read more details

Click HERE to order (or other places to order HERE)

Click HERE to see the AUTHOR IN HER PJs!

9780987551542-Rev7_FrontCover for Danielle and marketing REDUCED

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Author: jackieandnoel

Author and Traveller

12 thoughts on “99 cents today!

  1. Bought it 1st thing this morning!! Thanks! Happy Holidays!!


  2. Hi, not coming up as $.99 on my Amazon checkout? Any ideas?


    • Michael, I believe it was only on sale for 99 cents on the 21st for 24 hrs. I am pretty sure that is what I read in Jackie’s post info on the 20th. You may very well have missed the 99 cent sale price. 😦


  3. I did check Amazon site yesterday – Australia time/date – and it did not list it as $0.99. Still, not a big issue. Amazon can be funny with pricing for “Australian customers” sometimes.


    • HI Michael, it is for Amazon.com only – it only went up by a dollar for today, so if you search for it on Amazon.com you should get it – that said – I can’t even get/see it!!!!! It is something ridiculous about settings. I have changed my location to USA ( you can do this temporarily) but I still can’t see it – Amazon are getting a blast from me, as this is ridiculous. By the by, it started about 4 hours late too….. I complained about that – and basically they said “these things happen, tough!” – I am not pleased and re-thinking the whole selling deal now….. Sorry about that.


    • This is true!! Amazon is a fickle friend, isn’t it? I swooned over a book in the UK, excited about the October release date and an exceptional price. Alas, it was not to be! When the release date came, it was and still remains, unavailable to US citizens. I guess a lot has to do with territory rights and what not. Always something.

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  4. Thanks Mary – it is embarrassing and upsetting, especially as I organised so much promotion/advertising to coincide. The make it sound so wonderful and it just isn’t – I am re-thinking my strategies now! 🙂 Appreciate your support.


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