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Rain-Catcher – part 2 (It Broke!)


Well the ‘you-beaut-fan-dangled’- cleaning wotsit BROKE! – on its first use! After saying some rather naughty words I sat, and had another drink . . . I mean think.

DSC_0092 - Copy

Where I had ‘made’ the thread, the handle snapped!

I needed:

  • to get the brush into the pipe
  • a brush small enough to go around corners
  • a way to move the brush up and down to clean the inside of the pipe

So, I cut the handle off the brush and trimmed the brush down (a new one). Then I drilled a hole through the middle and plaited some string (for strength) and threaded that through the hole. Then, to that string, I tied some strong cord. Ha Ha! That should do it!

Small brush

Small brush

Until I realised it was impossible to get the cord to thread down the down-pipe. After much uhhming and arrhing – I dismantled the gate-chain on the boat and tied that to the cord. This slinky chain slipped down the pipe dragging the cord with it.

Cord and chain

Cord and chain

The top of the roof

The top of the roof

What followed was a rather awkward tug-of-war on the cord, each end, to clean the pipes, but it worked! Success. Now I have to get sanding and painting!


Author: jackieandnoel

Author and Traveller

2 thoughts on “Rain-Catcher – part 2 (It Broke!)

  1. Great recovery…Just goes to show you, success is a journey, not a destination!


  2. Never give up!


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