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What I’ve Learned Voyaging Around the World

I’ve sailed around the world one and half times with Noel, I’ve not only grown, I’ve learned so much… here are my thoughts after our second trip across the Pacific Ocean…  some of these learnings I use in talks at schools…

The tough times, make the good times, so much better!

The tough times, make the good times, so much better!

  • Sailing is my drug. When I’m scared, I feel alive; when times are tough, my senses are heightened. Surviving the demands of furious seas enhances calm anchorages.
  • I must feed my addiction of adrenaline-thumping emotions of electrifying fear and invigorating fright.
  • It doesn’t matter what we tackle as long as tension, terror, anticipation, and elation can have a punch-up in my gut and come out battered and bruised – but, still mates.
  • The most important part of seizing life by the scruff of the neck and relishing it is learning to love yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are living in paradise or a shoe-box; if you don’t like yourself, you won’t like your life. You must love the boat you have, and love the body (and mind) you have, too. If you don’t, a trip won’t change that, and it will never be special.
  • We must all face compromises to move forward in life. Many concessions are our own decision, but there are also penalties in how people perceive you, especially if you are a little different.
Being happy with what you have - what you are, and what you are doing - is the secret to happiness... oh, and have a purpose too...

Being happy with what you have – what you are, and what you are doing – is the secret to happiness… oh, and have a purpose too…

Be Different
I urge you to be different; step outside the box; allow your light to shine. We all make career, family, and money decisions. Whatever you do, someone somewhere will judge you.

Have faith, follow your inner compass, and be gracious, because then you can’t fail.

If that means standing away from the crowd and making yourself a prime target for opinionated people, then keep this in mind: those who are ostracised, judged, and questioned are remembered.

Be different (Ecuador)

Be different (Ecuador)

This Is It – 2 hemispheres, 2 people, and 1 boat details our two-year trip crossing the Pacific Ocean

Of Foreign Build – From Corporate Girl To Sea Gypsy Woman details our nine-year circumnavigation on a small boat

A Standard Journey – 5 horses, 2 people, and 1 tent details our adventure living with five adopted horses in the Australian bush for several months.

If you want to know what we’re up to right now – on a Dutch barge in Europe, look here.

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Big Decision – Positives (day 4 of 5)

It’s a beautiful day and I have just received yet another delightful book recommendation. This time the author is Ann Voskamp. Ann wrote One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. In her book Ann strives to find the meaning of life, and in her life she endeavours to live with grace.

She writes, ‘One Thousand Gifts is a celebration of grace and a recognition of the power of gratitude. Here’s the link.

Some of my beliefs may be different to Ann’s but I am an advocate for learning from everyone, whoever they are and whatever they think.

As well as learning from others, I also believe that we can change. My life, emotions, thoughts, plans, ideas, morals and some of my personality changed when I suffered a heart-wrenching bereavement in my twenties. With my emotions out of control, I ran away (against my counsellor’s advice) and embarked on a remarkable journey. Of Foreign Build is not just about sailing around the world on a thirty-three foot boat, but about how I changed in so many different ways – and how I learned about who I am.


This is the man that keeps me sane!

The ‘positive thoughts’ process is changing me again. It is all for the good and I am enjoying it immensely, so here’s today’s three thoughts:

  1. Noel, my husband, is my best friend and protects my sanity by reminding me to live with grace. He keeps me grounded as I often have at least six crazy ‘ideas’ a day!

  2. In view of Ann’s book, I am determined to live my life now. Not just travel and do what I dream of doing, but enjoy THIS moment and stop thinking about the NEXT adventure.

Enjoy the moment.

Enjoy the moment.

  1. . . . . .  and a change of tack . . .  yesterday we visited the amazing Citadel in Besancon. The Museum of the Resistance and Deportation broke my heart. The display (on two floors) was impressive. However, I can’t believe I am part of a race that can carry out such atrocities. My positive? I am living in a peaceful time in history and I know that most of my fellow humans strive for peace.
Part of the Citadel

Part of the Citadel

So, my big decision? I am going to carry on with the positive thoughts. Once a week I will highlight some positives in my life and post them here, I hope you’ll join me.

And, once again, I nominate anyone who would like to take part in this ‘positive thoughts’ 5-day event.