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Amazing Audio Books


I love audio books.

You can be whisked off to Easter Island, Suwarrow, and Pitcairn while driving through rush hour traffic, relaxing on the lounge, or working on a mindless task.

How? By clicking here.

I am proud to announce that This Is It – 2 hemispheres, 2 people, and 1 boat is now available on iTunes or Audible. (Also available from Amazon on Kindle and paperback)

This Is It - a new cover too!

This Is It – a new cover too!

Not only does this book have a new narrator, but a snazzy-new cover too. My publisher, New Street Communications trawled through my photos and came up with the perfect picture of me doing what needs to be done to boats!

Narrated by the wonderful Caroline Doughty, you can join me onboard our sailboat Pyewacket II as we traverse the bejewelled Pacific Ocean, riding the troughs and peaks.

With six-and-a-half-hours of breath-taking adventures – you can indulge in storms of emotions and oceans.

Do let me know what you think.


Author: jackieandnoel

Author and Traveller

4 thoughts on “Amazing Audio Books

  1. How exciting, loved the book and I am sure I will ,ove the audio book!!


  2. This is just great – can’t think of anything better other than a film of this amazing adventure! After already reading the book this is a wonderful way to revisit this remarkable story of life afloat. I wish you every success with it Jackie Parry.


    • Hi Alison, it’s 6 am and I have just woken up tired, bruised and a bit sunburnt… moving a huge American Barn is hard work! However, I now feel light, happy and full of energy. What a marvellous comment to wake up to this morning – thanks so much!


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