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Are Audio Books The Future?


What do you think of audio books?

A great new website has been launched for Audio Books.

Do you listen to books? For me it means I can indulge in stories while driving, sanding, painting or just trying to turn my mind off and visit somewhere else in the world while snuggled in bed.

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Many people have told me that audio books are the future – what do you think?

I have one audio book – “Of Foreign Build-From Corporate Girl to Sea Gypsy Woman“. Another two will follow soon “This Is It” and “A Standard Journey

Amazing Audiobooks is a great website – do take a look.



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4 thoughts on “Are Audio Books The Future?

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Jackie. I am super excited about my new site, Amazing AudioBooks. It will be fun to highlight your audiobook one day.

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  2. I’ve only listened to one audio book and I really enjoyed it. Wasn’t sure where to look for more, so thanks I will check that out!

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