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Unhealthy Writing!


Writing and Middle-Aged Spread!

I sit a lot. I have to, I’m a writer.

Coupled with middle age, this is not a good recipe for a healthy life.

So in order to combat midde-aged-spread (how lovely) I have a game plan.

  1. I’ve taken up baking again. Not pastries and cakes, well not all the time. But vegetarian and healthy foods. I have a huge appetite, and eating less is just not going to happen. Here’s one of my favourite recipes.

    Red Bean Moussaka

    Red Bean Moussaka

  2. Painting! Owning a boat keeps you fit, when we move, furling ropes, climbing ladders (for locks) and handling lines keeps me fit. Plus painting is a regular task. We’re thankfully at the point where we just need to touch up our paintwork. Here’s my latest project. I love this anchor winch, it’s functional and beautiful!

    Anchor Windlass- before

    Anchor Windlass- before

    Anchor Windlass - after

    Anchor Windlass – after

If you are a writer/author or sit in an office, what are your tactics to stay fit and healthy?


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4 thoughts on “Unhealthy Writing!

  1. Great, of course you get exercise but I am not good at eating veggies—sooooo

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    • I love veges, but I love all the bad stuff too – for me it is taking exercise (doing things I love) if I keep on top of that I can pretty much eat what I want (within reason!)


  2. It’s HARD. I am vegan, and being very petite, I still tend to fatness. I walk. With my dog–who is as old and fat as me. No matter how I feel, no matter how hard the day, the day’s end hike is mandatory: along the river, the perimeter of the pond in our wildlife preserve. Two old ladies, trotting along enjoying the breeze as it ruffles the water, beaming away at the sunset and the herons.

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    • Hi Kim, thank you for your lovely note, you painted a beautiful picture there – I can just see you and your lady trotting around the pond, (or strolling)! We are all built differently I guess, but I admire you being a vegan, I know I just couldn’t manage that – just trying to keep my meat intake down to a reasonable level can be a struggle. Walking has so many other benefits, especially your obvious enjoyment! x


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