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Top Tips for Surviving Boat Renovations


“What’s the very best, top-tip you have for doing boat renovations,” I said to my hard working husband, who is grappling with two loos right now, as I type.

Without hesitation or thought he dished up these wise-words of wisdom:

“Buy a house!”

We are in a mess, cabin full of welding fumes!

We are in a mess, cabin full of welding fumes!


And, here’s more…

  • When taking the toilet apart, do not consume a large mug off coffee prior to the deed!
  • Seek good value gear – the renovations will cost you three-times what you originally calculated. You’d better try to make some savings somewhere.
  • Don’t become annoyed when the welding equipment sits on top of the loo all day!
His and hers!

His and hers!

  • Really try not to get irritated when the welding equipment then sits in the shower!
  • Don’t walk in bare feet after the grinder has been used.
  • Spread the dust sheet carefully, that one bit of paint you drop will do it’s best to find the tiny gap! Wear shoes when painting – you’ll find out why!
  • Drink vast quantities of wine or meditate (or both) – after the day’s work is done please!
New holding tank - done!

New holding tank – done!

  • Turn up the Radio.
  • Have a day off – at some point (someone gave me this tip, not sure what it means though!)

… and as with all boat work, double the time you think the work will take, triple that figure, and you’ll be about halfway to a good estimate on the time it will take to do the work! (More great boat/cruising tips here, from boat maintenance to make-up!)

Make time for fun - Noel's birthday!

Make time for fun – Noel’s birthday!

More humorous (house) renovation observations, here.

What are your best (funny) tips?


Author: jackieandnoel

Author and Traveller

13 thoughts on “Top Tips for Surviving Boat Renovations

  1. I know houses with the same issues as barges – especially old houses!!! At least we on barges don’t have to cut lawns and clean our eaves troughs!!


  2. I have to say Jackie that this post on top tips for surviving boat renovations is probably your best yet but it appeals to my sense of humour. I especially like the tip about not drinking before renovating to toilets. Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello! Loved your post about boat renovations!! Especially, about the time that it will take and the amount of money! At least you have your humor!!


    • Hi, thanks! We generally laugh at most things – you’ll often find us giggling (a bit insanely at times!) we’ve no one to blame but ourselves, these are all our decisions – doing all the renovations and everything else – secretly we enjoy it! 🙂

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  4. One couple we met bought a small caravan (holiday trailer) that they had winched on deck and lived in while they renovated below. It certainly would make sense and renovations MUCH simpler!!

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  5. Now THAT is smart Carole – yes, it is quite tedious, especially as we both have so many other projects aside from renovating too…. I’ve received a few comments ‘everyone goes through renovations,’ —— ‘not on an 18 metre boat they haven’t’ – lol – you can’t just close the door and hide away from it – it IS your home! oh well, we are making progress! And we will look back on this times as fun! ha ha – perhaps!


  6. Reblogged this on ktcbloodroses and commented:
    LOL I love it!!


  7. This is a post that speaks to me. I’ll have some months of renovation to do on Roz Avel (probably things we should have done in Brittany, before leaving… no pasa nada, better later than never). It makes me think I already did that on four boats… It also makes me think I was fifteen years younger when I started doing that. I confirm, double the time and triple the figure. Well, for the figure, you can still keep it into a budget if you take great care on what (and where) you buy… avoiding shipchandlers on the harbours is a good tip, too.
    Thank you for this blog, I loved reading you. I’ll be back. Sure.


    • Ha! I can relate to that – 15 years younger! Good advice on the Chandlers – we try to avoid them too… please do stop by and let us know how your travels are progressing! Fair winds!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for answering. Of course I’ll tell you about our travels. For the time being, weather in Oriental Morocco gets better, so we’ll have to start working on the boat. No more excuse. And it will give me subjects for the blog.
        Saludos, fair winds to you.
        the Roz Avel crew


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