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Starting this coming Friday (11th) we’ll be posting fortnightly articles related to cruising, on http://www.jackieparry.com

Having written Cruisers’ AA (accumulated acumen) – and with many years boating experience (professionally (skippers/teaching) and privately) – we can hopefully offer some good advice to cruisers of all stages. (See list below).

Here’s a bit of an idea of the subjects we’ll cover. Please add your own ideas/suggestions and advice as you see fit.

We’ll start right at the beginning with, ‘What does it cost to go cruising?’ Thereafter, we plan to write about:

What’s so great about cruising anyway? Harnesses
What budget do I have to purchase a boat? On watch
What will it cost to run? Pets
How will I earn money along the way? Children
How can I save money along the way? TV/entertainment
Which boat? Courses/learning
What do you do all day? / What’s it like? Watertight integrity – staying afloat!
Survey- buying a boat – money, negotiation, test sail, finalising the deal Food management
Collision Regulations/Local rules Space – handling space
Safe Watch/Fatigue Transition – from boat to land, from land to boat.
Grab Bag What to take/throw away
Paperwork What to wear
Self Steering Photography
Power Radio scheds
Stability Piracy
Maintain hull Slip vessel
Seaworthiness Deck maintenance
Seamanship (inc knot tying) Marine Radio
Manoeuvring Communication
Sea survival Fire fighting
Safety & Emergency Navigation
Radar Weather
Deck machinery Auxiliary systems
Rigging Refuelling
Routine deck ops Environment

Articles will not specifically be in this order – and new articles will unfold naturally and, of course, we are open to suggestions! Cruisers’ AA covers all these subjects and much much more (in more detail too) – but we’ll be sure to post good information to provide some food for thought! We are looking forward to hearing your comments and advice too!

We sailed into New York!


Author: jackieandnoel

Author and Traveller

6 thoughts on “CRUISING CLINIC

  1. What a fantastic idea! Look forward to reading them 🙂


  2. Sounds great!! And very informative. Lots of work. Hope you have plenty time left over for wine and good times.

    Rolande. 🙂


    • Yes, lots of work! We’ll always make time for good times- you know us! thanks for your support! – it is so appreciated (I have Angus’s email still, I will get around to replying) – he’s published – how fantastic! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Jackie, your idea of a Cruising Clinic, considering your vast knowledge of the subject sounds like a novel idea. Our club ran a series of cruising seminars and they were so well attended by people who sought confidence, knowledge and practicalities of cruising. Good luck with your project – I shall follow it with interest.


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