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The joys of hauling out


For the second time in two weeks we are back in the dry dock, except it is not very dry. The boat is dry (when it finally ceases to rain) but the dock does not drain completely. While it is only about an inch of yucky, smelly water, my baggy overalls sit in the water and gradually suck the wet up to my knees – all very jolly!

On my 'overalls' working under the boat!

On my ‘overalls’ working under the boat!

The morning started out with us being thwarted at every step and caused several spinning top manoeuvres as we weren’t sure where to start. However, the afternoon proved much better.

Working under the boat

Working under the boat

Has the worm turned? It feels like it.

After months of negotiation, stress and frustration, we are finally receiving some good news.

Firstly, not boat related. My next book Of Foreign Build is in edit stage. A great group of Beta readers have been working through the manuscript prior to the editor. The comments, ‘you made me laugh, you made me cry’ and I LOVE IT’, are amazing and so uplifting, it almost made me cry.

Then we had some news re: boat insurance, it’s all sorted – finally.

We were given, yes given, some extra bottom paint and although the rain keeps stopping me, our boat has almost another coat.

Noel is replacing the head (toilet) hoses (usually my job!) and has replaced all the seacocks, BUT the big news . . .


We have a brand new, propeller shaft and bearings! – Things are looking up.


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11 thoughts on “The joys of hauling out

  1. I have been looking forward to hearing your immediate challenges are over!! With a barge ANY progress is cheerful. WELL DONE!!


  2. This is wonderful news! Hurrah!! 🙂


  3. Hi Jackie – Good to see things are progressing. Re the photos, I have a couple of technical questions…..What retains the prop? That nut doesn’t seem to have any retaining features. Also is it stainless steel?


    • Hi Mike, good questions! There is a bolt in the middle of the nut that screws into the middle of the centre-line of the shaft. Noel says he couldn’t ascertain whether the threads run counter to each other! Yes, all SS. All going well here (despite the electrics taking a holiday! (shorepower) – we have the prop shaft in and prop secured, we have rudder on with new bearings, new seacock (for additional new loo at some point) and new hoses on old loo!, we were thinking we haven’t done much, then realised we only came out on Tuesday! All this work was wrapped around a hundred other things – well, you know what it is like on the hard!


      • Thanks for the response to my questions. Sounds like you have done quite a lot in a very few days. I think that things always take a bit longer when you are learning about a new vessel, and probably even longer when you are away from home.


  4. While she is out and you are working around the prop, have you considered a rope cutter? Check out the DBA forums for recent discussions of pros and cons.


    • We have thought about many different additions etc while she is out – admittedly not the rope cutter – at the moment it will stay on the wish list – as you know with boats, you just have to stop somewhere . . . 🙂


  5. Fantastic news. Both on the book and boat front. I bet you 2 are very keen to be floating and on your way to, er, wherever you want I suppose. 🙂


    • And we still haven’t figured out where – everyone keeps asking us . . . it’s been the least of our problems but now we are back in the water, we may just start thinking about the ‘where’!


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