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I have cupboards!


Well, I’ll be pickled in a Vin barrel and hung out to dry! After FOUR months of negotiations we’ve finally moved onto the boat.

You don’t think you’ll miss your own home, until of course you don’t have one. We haven’t had our own home for 13 months now.

Mind you, the drive shaft is still out, we are liable to sink at anytime . . .

We go back into the dry-dock next week for the new prop and despite arguing with everyone this last fortnight, things have settled down, apologies made and all ‘should’ be well.

There’s ‘the’ way to handle boats and boat repairs and there’s the French way. We’re learning!

Here’s some ‘inside’ pictures. The ‘colourful’ scheme is not to my taste, so they’ll be quite a bit of ‘updating.’ And a major de-cluttering exercise has already started.

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12 thoughts on “I have cupboards!

  1. Very nice. You 2 must be very pleased to be in your own “home” at last. Once the shaft and prop are in place you can get under way; Europe awaits – and it has no idea what is coming 🙂


  2. We are excited for you two. Yay, at last your own home! We are interested in how deep the canals are, how much she draws, where can you go etc. etc. It’s a new concept to us and we are looking forward to your adventures. Enjoy!


  3. Congrats on getting thru all the French negotiations! She is lovely – very homey and you will have fun making her YOUR home. Where’s the wine cellar?


  4. Thanks – also – Nicole – I couldn’t reply to your note here directly – not sure why. Marie Suzanne draws 1 metre and we can go most places – you have to be aware of air draft, MS is a little under 3m, which also means we can go most places. Lots of research to be done yet – we will keep you posted!


  5. Wow! What a beauty! Can’t wait for the full tour once you’ve moved in and put your own touch on the interior.


  6. The interior looks magnifico, i dont know what i expected, more along the lines of 1920s Glasgow, Newcastle, Rosehill type of establishment,dark, gloomy,sooty & only the basics. Well done.Col.


  7. Great…it looks so big and comfortable….enjoy and keep posting.


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