Jackie Parry – author

I can smell poo!


I really can. It’s nice, it’s really nice, and it brings heartfelt tears to my eyes.

I love the smell of horse poo, the smell of horses, tack, rugs and all that comes with horses. I miss my horses desperately.

We have had a bad day with more problems arising with the boat we have purchased and the haul out yard.

Noel and I have found sanctuary in a secluded farmhouse (the money for the boat is in the ether, moving from our bank account to the owners’ bank account – no one has the money, no one has the boat – a bizarre and uncomfortable place to be!)

Anyhow, a lovely English (hoorraayyyy!) family live on a beautiful ‘farm’  property (barns, fields, dogs, cats and horses, (did I mention the horses?)). Within this magnificent complex, we have an amazing view and sighing horses right below our windows. We walk through a beautiful old barn to climb up into our apartment.

I don’t think I will leave. I don’t want to! It is a very reasonably priced piece of heaven . . . . how long do we stay until we can claim squatters rights ?!(joke – if the owners are reading this) – . . . well, probably 😉

So, it’s a liquid lunch for me (good job French wine doesn’t ‘hurt’) – as it is too hot to walk to the supermarket!)

Sigh. It’s times like this, I just want to go home. DSC_0078 DSC_0079 DSC_0080 DSC_0081


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4 thoughts on “I can smell poo!

  1. You’ll be ok, the bank has to make money…..enjoy your surrounds looks lovely maybe you can help them with their website or photos etc turn it into a big positive….


  2. Well, the heading had me concerned!! Yes, a play on words. Thought the dreaded “boat head blocked again” had happened. I trust the boat yard treats you nice – we all know what can happen when a “little job” starts on a boat; can go on and on, and the cost can go up and up.
    I am confident that you 2 will be able to sort it out.
    Finished the “Cruisers AA” book. Lots of information and ideas.
    From a cool but sunny Nowra.


    • Thanks for that – sending you a email now – if I can find your email address – if not, can you email me (ckijack@yahoo.com) – any chance of a review on Amazon – or where you purchased the book? Reviews are the life blood of indie authors! Thanks


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