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Drum Roll If You Please


Here’s our new boat – Dutch Barge ‘ Marie Suzanne’.

At last we have sealed the deal on Marie Suzanne (to be renamed). She’s 18.5 metres long, 3.91 wide, a little under 3 metres high and 1 metre deep.

She was built in 1920 in the Netherlands. She needs some paint (inside and out), but she passed the surveyors scrutiny with flying colours.

We move on in a few days – thank goodness. And I’ll post some ‘below’ shots soon.

Thanks for your patience in waiting for the pictures, it’s been exhausting reaching this point with many layered, French, technical conversations and negotiations! We’ve had to become accustomed to ‘the French way.’!

More details and pictures soon . . .  after a little sleep . . .!

(Pictures taken on the trip to haul out yard with owners on board).

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28 thoughts on “Drum Roll If You Please

  1. HOOOOOORAAAY!!!!!!!!
    Will have some wine tonight and toast to you two amazing people. Well done.


  2. We love her!!!!!! What a beauty!!!! Rolande and Angus


  3. Oh excitement! She is just lovely and what a totally fun kind of trip to take! I’ll bet it is nice to have that kind of space.


    • Thanks Melissa – it is great! Making changes though – extra toilet (!) – so one cabin can have an ensuite – expecting lots of visitors – can’t wait to get going!


    • It is Melissa, so different from a sailboat – we have a washing machine too. It’s very sad, I never wanted a washing machine on board – now I love it! Guess I am getting old(er)!


  4. Well done both of you, been watching your adventure as fellow “new buyers”. I’ll be interested to see how your guest accomodation is set up as we have to do some conversion to the fo’c’sle of our Neo Vita to add berths for two more people on our relatively small barge. Our (new) blog is at eurmacs.com. Hope to see you around sometime


    • Hi Ian, lovely to hear from you – I am off to you website next to have a look! Our guest accommodation is two cabins – 1 double, 1 single – but both small – we are going to make some adjustments to make two doubles – put in another toilet and make one an ensuite. We think we have enough space! We’ll talk more and compare notes! Hope to see you on the water – we are interested in knowing more . . . .


  5. Well done , it looks terrific, Visitors!! You will need a booking register similar to a Hilton. Angus & Rolande stand back.Col.xo.


  6. hi Jackie and Noel. What a pretty boat. It sure projects a lot of character. good luck . Brian Dorling .Shoalhaven Heads


  7. She looks absolutely gorgeous! I would love to sail through the French Canals some day, so I look forward to your next book on how to do it! Congratulations!


    • Thanks Viki! There’s a new group (if you have time) – women on barges – Carole and I are setting up – still very early stages, we are the only two members (lol)! – anyhow, if you want to have a nose and be inspired, it might be worth looking at . .. when it gets going!


    • Thanks Viki – we are rather chuffed with her! That book may or may not happen – doing the sailing one first – mind you I can’t stop my mind and fingers so you never know! 😉


  8. LOVE the countryside. Makes me want to get a canal boat and do that for awhile.


  9. Fantastic news Noel and Jackie. After such a long time looking, looking, looking etc you have found “your” boat – or did it find you?
    A question if I may, just from pure lack of knowledge. Do you need to apply anti fouling paint in the fresh water canals as we do in the sea water? Your boat did not look to have A/F on the hull in one of the pictures.


    • Thanks Michael – All we know it is some vinyl stuff – it smells a bit like anti-foul but claim it is not! Mind you, the ‘boat-work’ is kind of interesting here in France – and frustrating. Our boat was re-launched from the dry dock with not much more than a band-aid keeping the water out of were the prop goes (new one being made up, totally unnecessary but we aren’t paying for it!) – we haul out again next week – and this is the BEST YARD in France!


  10. Congratulations Noel and Jackie! She looks beautiful….. Safe travels…. Crew of Iron Mistress


  11. Very nice. Congratulations!

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff


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