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No poo update and final (surprising) results


After jumping on the noo-poo band-wagon, I am jumping right off – for now.

Extreme bad hair day – I decided to shed my guinea pig guise after a haircut – a bad haircut. As a member of a closed group on FB who live a similar lifestyle to me, I preached about how easy it is to cut your own hair. I then cut my own hair, as I have done for years and was horrified with the results. A lawn mower and whipper snipper would have produced better results!

Who’s fault? – I promptly blamed the no poo regime on the state of my hair. After a quick BS/WV wash my locks were sticky, almost gummy, oily and dirty. I looked a bit like a crazy hobo. It didn’t hang softly, it just sort of stuck out in the middle like a wire fence that has been sat on – and therefore it hampered my cutting!

Calm, considered action – I decided to tackle this as a level headed grown up – I threw a tantrum, reached for the shampoo bottle and thoroughly enjoyed a full-on sudsy, chemical laden wash!

I had also noticed that the BiCarb Soda was breaking my hair. I have since read that massaging very gently is necessary, but I really didn’t scrub my head. I was gentle. I used BS twice a week and each time I could see more breaks straight after ‘no pooing’.

The WV (white vinegar), was nice. I had not one tangle. My hair tangles easily, being quite thin (but a lot of it – I am told).

A new approach – I considered using the recommended ‘beer’ from my old friend google. I can do that, drink, pour, drink, pour, slurp, slosh, hic! Or Lemon/Lime instead of vinegar . . . . perfect with Vodka . . .  has anyone tried that yet?

Life after guinea pig – Now I use a tiny dob of shampoo, if it doesn’t sud-up it doesn’t matter. If it becomes too foamy I have used too much and then I have to use heaps of conditioner! If I use just a little shampoo then my hair doesn’t work its way into such a tangle.

Although I haven’t yet, I may use vinegar as a conditioner, after shampooing. I liked it before.

I will start to try natural shampoos, use little, use vinegar if I need conditioner, buy beer to mull it all over and probably a bit of vodka to go with the lime.

Skin with no soap– still the same, soft, but dry from time to time. I now use a tiny-weeny dab of Virgin Olive Oil. This created much mirth in the Parry household, “you’ll smell like a salad!” The amount I used probably equates to a drip size. I rub it into my hands and then rub my hands across my face. It doesn’t feel like there is anything left on my hands (they have sucked up all the oil) – but my face and lips feel better.

My lips are no better. They are better than they were a few months ago, but still need something. The oil helps a bit, but I am in the UK now and with dry air and chilly days – so I am back to lip salve. This will be a constant battle.

And finally, I am glad I had a go, but I just don’t think it is for me. It is nice having soft, manageable hair again – everyday. I have neatened up my hacking job and I look reasonably sane now (to a blind horseman galloping past on a dark night). Beer is definitely a consideration, but to consume not cleanse.


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2 thoughts on “No poo update and final (surprising) results

  1. In 24 years of living aboard, cruising the Caribbean, I have never felt the need to deprive myself of anything. With rain water collection as our main source of water (have a back up WM rarely used) the teeniest bit of shampoo cleans my whole head once a week. I aslo like an inexpensive body wash in dispenser bottle and a small dab of that gets entire body clean. Hubby uses same for shampoo and all over body wash. Rain water is so soft, I rarely need a conditioner and have occasionally resorted to a blob of mayo to help! Face cream, inexpebive moisturisers with aloe work all over and are worth the cost for skin care, protection against skin damage etc. Never needed lip balm but Caribbean is s lot warmer than UK. Good Luck!


    • Hi Susan, thanks for your comments. It wasn’t so much as money saving – it was more avoiding chemicals. We were exactly the same as you – on board I used a tiny bit of shampoo and cheap face creams which were just fine (except nothing works on my lips) – I noticed a big difference with not using soap on my face, it doesn’t dry out half as much – and I need just a tiny bit of moisturiser, once or twice a week now. I have a friend who is bringing me some Aloe lip balm this week, looking forward to trying that. We managed to conserve heaps of water on board – always returned to boat with lots in our tanks – just in case!


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