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No poo, moisturiser & soap update

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Things are looking up. From my guru (google) I have carried our more research and ignored the bits of advice and don’t like and am using the bits of advice I do like!

I have stopped using BiCarb soda every time I wash my hair and it is much softer.

Routine now is:

Washing hair every other day with WV (white vinegar) diluted in a cup of warm water.

Wet hair

Squeeze out excess water

Use squeezy bottle to apply WV and water

Gently rub in – leave for a few moments and rinse.

Hair is much happier, far less dry and is soft and manageable.

Once or twice a week I use BS (Bicarb soda) prior to the WV.

On the skin/dryness front: I have, twice, exfoliated with BS, which helped and although not perfect, my skin is much better. There is no tightness now and very little dryness.

The same applies with the skin on my lips, the dryness is almost completely gone now.

So this week I am far happier. I very very nearly gave up but I am so glad I didn’t. I have read (and been given advice) that WV is not so good for your hair. So far my hair is okay, but I will keep plodding along and see what happens. In a week or two I will switch to Apple Cider Vinegar to see if there is further improvement or change.

Considering I applied moisturiser twice a day, lip balm of some kind-constantly and washed my hair with shampoo daily – so far I am very happy with results and considering the experiment a success.


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