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No poo (soap and moisturiser) update

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Humph, I am not a happy bunny.

Hair is dry at the ends, so I did some research and horror upon horror, lots of advice NOT to use bicarbonate soda as it dries hair. Yikes!

Also, I have noticed some broken strands on top. Am I noticing these as I am inspecting my hair each day?, or is the no poo breaking my hair . . . oh crikey.

Okay, I decided not to panic just yet . . .My next plan is to avoid getting the BS mix on ends of hair to see if that makes a difference (this, from googling advice! – oh dear!)

The advice continues to say that I should use less BS and not as often. At the moment I use it every other day. I will try to extend this, but so far it’s doubtful I’ll manage it. So maybe a compromise is needed. I will us BS once every three days.  And if I need to wash between these times, I will just rinse through with vinegar (more advice via google).

My face is better but still a bit dry. I almost succumbed and used moisturiser the other day. I am considering using some oil . . .maybe. . . but I think (believe? hope?), my skin is starting to work for itself gradually. So I have decided I will try it for a bit longer.

Lips slightly better, still a little dry, but I think (hope? pray?) they are still improving.

We shall see.


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