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Boat Viewing Begins

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We viewed two boats today on the Thames. I’ll cut to the chase and answer the first question.

“Did you see anything you like?”

“No, frankly I wouldn’t take one of the boats I saw today if it was given to me.”

Seriously, how can people put a healthy price tag on ‘boats’ that are rotting via (1) mould that could get up and make its own cup of tea and (2) rust that is now 90% of the boat’s total material.

I was afraid to stare at the port holes too hard in case they caved in and the spores from the mould induced our lungs to start screaming as soon as we opened the door. The second cabin was a mattress in a cupboard!

All hope is not lost though. This was a research mission and we learned a lot. When we were searching for Mariah II and Pyewacket II, the same thing happened. We viewed a lot of boats fit for fire wood before we found some seaworthy vessels.

The search continues . . .

Here’s the second cabin:

Would you like to come stay?
Would you like to come stay?

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