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Boat Search – Where? Why? WHAT?

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All the advice received says Holland has the best selection and prices for boats. We have friends in Holland, we have cheap accommodation there too (payment in the form of copious beers for our friends-so maybe not too cheap!). France, we are told, has more expensive boats and after lengthy days searching on the net, not that many boats within our budget/desires.

So, of course, we are going to France! We will view ONE boat. I can’t bring myself to tell you how much this is costing. I am converting all the GBP payments to $AUS and having minor (but constant) palpitations.

“Go taste and enjoy the French wine.” Says one friend. “Breathe.” Says another! Okay, this afternoon’s mantra is “I am lucky to be able to do this next venture at all.”

On Monday we travel to France and view the boat in the afternoon. Tuesday we go to Amsterdam to see our great buddies, Natasja and Dennis and their gorgeous twins, Debby and Kim. We haven’t seen them for six years. I know they will laugh at my grey hair that is staging a takeover bid; they will tell us off for wasting money by going to France, and then they’ll straighten us out and put us on the right track in just a matter of hours.

They will also drink way too much beer and we’ll ruin our livers when we try to keep up (speaking from experience).  But we can’t wait to see them and hopefully view more boats.


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