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A Standard Journey – Part 2


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStill in Crookwell and not enjoying the 5 degree temps! We’d like a vote on what we should do:

1) Tough it out and stop being wimps.

2) Spend all our savings, buy a house and land here in Crookwell, name the property “The Trail” and just download pictures of the trail from the internet, post them and write, “we are still on the trail”.

3) Take refuge in the pub until the sun comes out.

Two and three are tempting, especially with the wind chill factor and driving rain in an open paddock . . . what does everyone else think?


Author: jackieandnoel

Author and Traveller

2 thoughts on “A Standard Journey – Part 2

  1. I think that a combination of options 1 and 3 is in order. There is also an excellent cafe in the middle of Crookwell (opposite the IGA) which had its slow combustion fire going yesterday. The other option is to forget the horse business, come back to the coast and go sailing again.

    Having said that, its only about 15 here today and the cold rain has hardly stopped.

    Either way, rum and cokes are definitely the way to go…..


  2. You are no doubt well past this point by now. I hope all is going well and getting warmer.Green well Point is nice and warm!
    Regards Michael.


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