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A Standard Journey – Part 1


All our boys are Standardbred, hence “A Standard Journey”  (The Standardbred should be of good athletic type with a robust build. They should have strong, straight legs, a long sloping shoulder, a croup that may be as high as the wither, and broad, sloping hindquarters. The Standardbred should stand over a good amount of ground, and therefore tend to have some extra length to the back.  They should also have a long underline, strong neck and a wide brow.  The Standardbred should have a noble, honest head with a kind eye.)http://www.standardbred.org.au/page3.php

We have embarked on the Bicentennial National Trail www.bicentennialnationaltrail.com.au/So far we have travelled from Taralga to Crookwell, just 44 kms, which took three days. The boys are doing fabulously, although we will be glad when they are more used to Kangaroos!

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4 thoughts on “A Standard Journey – Part 1

  1. How are you handling the cold? We were in Crookwell yesterday and it was only 9 degrees and drizzling! Happy travels.


    • We have taken refuge in one of the showground’s sheds. No electric and no heater, but out of the wind and rain. The tent is really really warm and cosy, so no dramas at all. Although you wouldn’t think so with us having a bit of a whinge going from tent to shed, to horses! The boys have shelter, lots of food and are fairing very well – so all is well. Hoping to continue south Wednesday.


  2. . . . and I am sure we’ll have something to say about that too! 😉


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