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A Standard Journey – Part 3

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We are now at Hall (Canberra) – we trucked part of the way here as little Dom has bruised his back. He is much better and we are leaving soon. Since being here, we’ve had the boys vet checked (part of the adoption deal) and their teeth rasped. We’ve finished the road part of the journey – so on Monday (after a 6 lane road crossing!) – we will actually be on trails. I am asking the Police to help us cross the busy road! All is well, a few scrapes and bruises all – round – but generally all is good. The boys passed their vet check with flying colours -and the residents of Hall are spoiling us silly! Great Stuff!

See our FB “Noel and Jackie’s Journeys” for pictures and more news! – we’ve re-packed the boys with a much better system!


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One thought on “A Standard Journey – Part 3

  1. Scrapes and bruises???? What happened?


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