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Spirit arrives and disappears!

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Last weekend we drove to Albury to collect Spirit. He is such a trusting boy and stepped on the float (trailer) with trepidation but also trust. After a couple of snorts he settled right in to the 5 hour journey, watching the world flash by.

At Kangaroo Valley we walked him around some of his new paddock. His paddock is not much less than half a km wide and a km long, with different trails, tracks, open spaces, a creek and lots of hidey holes. Cedar and Jet, his soon to be companions, were not in sight. They have taken to hiding right up the very end of the paddock. However a few cows had naughtily found their way in to the paddock – Spirit liked the cows. After several snorts he followed us around for a while, then realised he was free to go.

The next day thick fog lay over the Valley. Spirit greeted us but was not interested in any treats we had – he had several acres to play in! We played it cool and turned our backs on him, when we turned back around, expecting him to be waiting for us, he had disappeared in the fog! We couldn’t find him!

We had to go out for two hours and I was worried that he’d find Jet and Cedar and I wasn’t sure what would happen. With some trepidation we returned to find the three of them at the gate, waiting for us (asking where we’d been!). They are as thick as thieves. I have never seen horses bond so quickly and intensely. When we took Spirit for a walk (leading) to show him around a bit more – all three horses called for each other constantly!

The next day we did the same. They are learning that they all get treats when they come to the gate – Spirit goes for a nice walk – which he enjoys. Jet and Cedar now know Spirit is coming back (as does Spirit) so they are all more settled.

Spirit is so much more handsome than his picture! he has good lines, a strong back, great feet and doesn’t care what you do to him – he is so kind – feisty – but kind – we love him to bits!

Sometime the next two weeks Pyscho Stevie arrives – AND Nutcase Ned and Atomic Charlie! Actually it’s just Ned and Charlie, but due to our other ‘exciting’ horses names, we thought we’d spice their names up a bit. Then we’ll have our string of 4 and start training. I still think we need five, to rotate them which will allow them a day off. . . . .  here’s a picture of Pyscho Stevie . . more to come.

Pyscho Stevie


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