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4 horses, 3 ft of water, 2 cold knees & 1 invention idea!

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We now have our string of four horses. Spirit, Ned, Charlie & Psycho Stevie – pictures coming soon!

We collected two of the horses (two were delivered), so we bought a set of travel boots for the horses and Noel loves them “hey, they will keep my knees warm!” Noel’s knobbly knees are always cold. This maybe a new invention idea for someone!

Here’s a picture (below) of the entrance to our new digs – just 600 acres to play in! Unfortunately due to the meeting of the torrential rain and the beautiful creek running through the property we have been flooded out. We left the property at 5am and sat overlooking one of the causeways for ten minutes as it was flooding, scared me silly, but was not deep. The next causeway was 3 ft deep and scary – thank god for the ole Troopy Truck that took us down to the footbridge (we had left the Pajero the other side of the causeway in preparation). We’ll get some pictures today and post them Friday.

We picked up Psycho Stevie yesterday and couldn’t get back home! He is in a  friends’ yard, Noel and I are at Col’s place (Noel’s brother).

Fortunately, the creek usually recedes quickly . . . but it’s started raining again!




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One thought on “4 horses, 3 ft of water, 2 cold knees & 1 invention idea!

  1. Ok looks like you have been busy with the book launch but what about some updates here!


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