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Spirit joins our family this weekend


Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth! What  a handsome boy!

Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth! What a handsome boy!

This Saturday we collect Spirit from Albury. Well, we arrive Saturday and bring him home Sunday as it is about a 6 hour drive!

We are very excited and hope he isn’t (too excited!) – Julie, his current mum is being very brave. She’s only giving him up due to an injury – and I think this weekend will be hard for her.

We are collecting horse gear daily (well, buying!), it’s a bit different from boat gear, but astonishingly the same in funny ways – you just need a lot of STUFF!


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5 thoughts on “Spirit joins our family this weekend

  1. How did you travel ..horse loaded ok where did you stay?


  2. Hi Sue, Bill, Blog updated, so you can now read about the beginning of our adventures with Spirit. He is just gorgeous, we are very lucky! On the way there, we actually crashed out in the float in Holbrook! We have learned that our camping mattresses are way too thin! We were warm but uncomfortable! (and thankful it didn’t rain 🙂 ) . . . . . we arrived about 2130 by the time we had something to eat it was very late and we were up at dawn – so it wasn’t so bad. The trip back was great – Spirit wasn’t happy initially in the float, but soon settled and he seemed to enjoy watching the world pass by. It is so exciting to be back in the horsey world again! We’ve ordered our second packsaddle from Canada and have only one more saddle to find. So things are moving along nicely.


    • Glad to hear all went well with Spirt,have you considered your body is not what it used to be and maybe a better mattress will be a good investment. Just another thing to do . If your getting another packsaddles will you be taking 2 pack horses?


  3. Yes, I am learning quite quickly and vividly that I am not in my 20’s any longer!! We are about to order lovely new mattresses! We plan to take a riding horse and a packhorse each. Am trying to decide whether we need a 5th so we can rotate them and they all get a day off at some point! The days seem long and I think they’ll need some respite from time to time – I finally read Colours of Courage! how many did they end up with! I don’t want that many!


    • Not sure if this is the place to send messages but I have brought all BNT books south ofQLD we won’t be using them before you are you interested in borrowing them also have some topo maps, You will have to join BNT but this may save some of the expense.


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