Jackie Parry – author


I choose happiness

I’ve neglected the part of my blog that I dedicate to positive thoughts, so here’s a few…

I could choose to moan about:

  • The weather (it got really chilly today), but the nip on my cheeks is refreshing.

  • The rather large steel water tank sitting right in the middle of our half-demolished boat – but it means we are another step closer to finishing the renovations.

  • The mess I am living in (it’s a work-site) – but its kind-of fun and a great excuse for not doing any housework!

  • The forty-five minute cycle to the supermarket – but it’s keeping me fit and healthy

I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness. Enjoy your day, every day!

Choose happiness and have fun. Learn to laugh at life's little challenges!

Choose happiness and have fun. Learn to laugh at life’s little challenges! (‘Tash, my great friend and I giggle a lot!)

….. and our books are doing rather well….

take a look – there’s chapters you can peruse before you buy….. Of Foreign Build and Cruisers’ AA